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If you’ve stumbled across this page, chances are you’re looking to start or have just joined Slimming World. You’ve made a fantastic step in the right direction if you’re looking to lose a little bit of weight or like me, quite a lot.

Whether you join online or go to a group, Slimming World, when followed correctly is life changing. That’s a pretty big statement to make but after losing 5 stone since the beginning of my SW journey, it’s a statement that I’ll stand by.

The basics of SW – edited 2020

The Slimming World Extra Easy plan works on the principles of ‘food optimising’ which in basic terms means combining foods that are good for you, low in fat and full of vitamins and nutrients that will allow you to lose weight steadily.

Each day you can have:

  • As much free foods as you like; these free foods include pasta, rice, potatoes, lean meats, most vegetables and fruit. You don’t need to weigh these out just eat enough to fill you up!
  • Two portions of Healthy Extra A – dairy (check your new starter books for portion sizes)
  • One portion of Healthy Extra B – fibre (check your new starter books for portion sizes)

Try and make sure your plate includes one third speed foods, these are foods that are going to help speed up your weightloss.

  • As well as your free/speed foods, hexa and hexb you can have between 5 and 25 syns per day.  Check your book for your syn allowance as it is weight dependant. They don’t stretch very far if you pick chocolate or crisps but used wisely, you won’t feel deprived.

Popular SW posts

Some of the most searched for SW posts on my blog include

  • My week on the SW Extra Easy SP plan
  • The lowdown on the new SW ready meals – great for nights when you don’t want to cook but best used as one offs (not intended to replace the basics of the plan)

Popular SW friendly recipes

There’s loads more SW friendly recipes throughout my blog as I’ve blogged them along the way, you can find more here.

Meal Planning

I find meal planning really helps me stay on track. Every weekend we Meal Plan. On Mondays we share our weeks worth of meals and then make sure we have the ingredients in to make them. I like to buy recipe books from my SW group so have a good collection on my shelf now which we dig out and flick through every once in a while for ideas and inspiration. There’s also loads of recipes on SW LifelineOnline which if you’re a SW member you’ll have access to.

My history with Slimming World

As of January 2020, I started back at Slimming World. I went to a new group on a Saturday morning and braved the scales once more. I have a lot of weight to lose post-pregnancy (can I say that if my youngest is 2 years old?) but I’m determined to lose some of this weight and feel confident again.

If you can get to a SW group, I can wholeheartedly recommend it. I’ve made lots of friends in class all going through the same things as me, wanting to lose some weight to boost their confidence and feel good about themselves.

I was nominated as our groups Greatest Loser in March 2015 and Miss Slinky in November 2015.

Greatest Loser cert

Miss Slinky nominees

I lost 5 stone between August 2014 and May 2017 with Slimming World and then my prayers were answered, I fell pregnant conceiving our second baby.

Top left, July 2013 (before SW) —–> Bottom right, September 2015 (during SW and 5 stone lighter)

5 stone gone

Emma Shilton

December 2016

this is us

Memories, milestones and everything inbetween!