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Our Shilton Boys

  • Our Shilton Boys // May 2019

    The last four weeks have been really lovely for my boys. They’ve had some brilliant time together and really enjoyed each others company. As Freddie grows, he’s becoming stuck to Olly like glue. He’s…

  • Shilton Boys April 2019

    Our Shilton Boys // April 2019

    Blimey, it’s time of the month again to share how the last month has been for our Shilton boys. It’s been a good month for them both as we’ve now moved Freddie into Olly’s…

  • Boys on the beach February 2019

    Our Shilton boys // March 2019

    Since the last Siblings post, our boys have enjoyed a lovely break away to Cornwall and had the chance to roam about on the very windy but beautifully sunny Watergate Bay beach with their…

  • Olly and Freddie February 2019

    Our Shilton Boys // February 2019

    February has been a lovely month for our Shilton boys. It has been Olly’s birthday month so we celebrated with a joint 6th birthday party at a local soft play centre at the start…

  • Boys Brothers

    Our Shilton Boys // January 2019

    It’s been one whole year since I joined in with the Siblings project where we get to document the months as they whizz by for my boys. Since Freddie joined us last January, these…

  • Merry Christmas // from Our Shilton Boys

    It’s a Christmas Eve! All the presents are wrapped, Christmas cards delivered (sorry if we forgot anyone!) and the fridge is stocked with yummy treats and indulgences we can only get away with at…

  • Siblings November 2018

    Our Shilton Boys // November 2018

    I can’t believe it’s the middle of November already and we’re already into our 11th month of joining in with this Linky. I remember seeing friends taking part in the siblings post and desperately…

  • Boys Siblings October 2018

    Our Shilton boys // October 2018

    This month has just flown by. We’re well into the throws of the regular school run and nap times and we’re just a week away from half term which both of my boys are…

  • Brothers cuddles siblings

    Our Shilton Boys // September 2018

    The last month has been a really lovely month for our Shilton boys. They’ve been able to spend lots of time together which both of them have loved and it’s been so good to…