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    Time for Year One..

    Olly Year One

    Today my five year old Olly starts the new school term in Year One. Last year when he went into Reception, he was full of anxiety about pretty much everything to do with school. He didn’t want to wear certain clothes, he didn’t want to eat any of the food at snack and lunchtime, the mornings were hell! Thankfully, with thanks to his little baby brother no doubt, he’s really matured over the last few months and today we are hopeful he’ll go to school without many tears.  Continue Reading

  • Olly Reception 2018

    Nine months in // Reception

    As I walked home from school yesterday morning, I had a lump in my throat. One of those lumps you get when you’re so proud, so relieved and blinking back the tears, you’re practically…

  • Nativity

    The Nativity // Olly’s school day memories

    Earlier this week, it was time for Reception class to tread the boards and put on their nativity performance. Olly had been given the part of an inn keeper and had a speaking line…

  • Reception

    The first half term in Reception..

    Just one more day at school and Olly’s first half term in reception is complete. What a six weeks it’s been! We always knew it was going to be hard work with Olly’s anxiety…

  • The schooldays are (officially) coming

    Like many parents of three and four year olds, on Tuesday morning we found out officially which primary school Olly will be going to in September. In less than five months time, my baby…