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Meal Planning Monday

    Meal Planning Monday 12/02/2018

    Grilled sausage wheel

    I haven’t done a meal planning post in such a long time but I’m back to meal planning and hope it will help refocus me as I try to shift some of the extra pounds I’ve gained whilst pregnant and also will help us cope on a reduced budget now I’m on maternity leave.  Continue Reading

  • Meal Planning Monday 20th March 2017

    I didn’t get chance to write up last week’s meal planning post. It’s been such a busy few weeks that sometimes something has to give and unfortunately, it was last week’s meal planning post.…

  • Meal Planning Monday 6th March 2017

    This weekend we didn’t write a meal plan as I was away for the weekend with friends but my lovely husband went food shopping (as he always does) and bought our usual groceries; salad, meat,…

  • Meal Planning Monday 27th February 2017

    We skipped Meal Planning Monday last week as it was half term for us but it’s now back to school and back to work and routine awaits. We all thrive on routine in our…

  • Meal Planning Monday 1x3

    Meal Planning Monday 6th February 2017

    Happy Monday! It’s another week, another Monday and it’s a week that I’m really looking forward too. It’s Olly’s fourth birthday on Friday and so this week will be all about getting ready for…

  • Meal Planning Monday 30th January 2017

    It’s the last Monday of January and time for a Meal Planning Monday post. January seemed to be a really long month but we managed to budget well and we had plenty of food…

  • Meal Planning Monday 23rd January 2017

    Another Monday, another Meal Planning post. Last week we had a really good week meal wise. The fridge was stocked with fresh, yummy ingredients and we did well with sticking to plan. I’m sure…

  • Meal Planning Monday 16th January 2017

    It’s Monday and time for my regular Meal Planning Monday post. It’s another week in work and pre-school for us, we’re hoping this week goes a bit more smoothly than it did last week.…

  • Meal Planning Monday 9th January 2017

    After meal planning for last week, I was so glad to get back into the swing of planning our meals and using up all the fresh ingredients in the fridge. It’s nice to relax…

  • Meal Planning Monday 2nd January 2017

    Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. I can’t quite believe how quickly those Christmas holidays went. As they say, all good things must come to an end…