Freddie // Four Months Old

Freddie bubbles

Today our little Freddie is four months old. He seems to have really grown over the last few weeks. He’s got a lovely little character with a very cheeky grin and he seems to be so much more aware of his surroundings. Every week he seems to be doing something new and I’m really enjoying watching him discover the world. 

Freddie 4 months

At Freddie’s last weigh in, he weighed in at 13lb 7oz at 16 weeks old which means he’s putting weight on steadily and along the 25th centile. He’s wearing 3-6 month clothing and drinking between 6-7oz of milk every 2-3 hours.

He’s sleeping like a dream and so far seems to have settled into a brilliant routine of having his last bottle of milk at about 7:30pm and then settling down to sleep until 5-6am in the morning. I cannot complain at all. I am thrilled. I’ve heard about the four month sleep regression being a real concern so I’m hoping it bypasses him and he continues to get all the sleep, I don’t mind getting up early but disturbed sleep throughout the night is tough. He’s still sleeping in the co-sleeping crib next to our bed and of an evening I’m staying up with him as he sleeps. I need to get the baby monitor out again as I’m feeling more comfortable about leaving him to sleep on his own upstairs now (as long as I can keep an eye on him).

Freddie bubbles

We’ve started our baby massage and baby sensory classes which he seems to enjoy. He’s a fan of having his legs and tummy massaged but his back and arms aren’t his favourite. I love that he will enjoy half an hour of massage, have a bottle of milk and then sleep for an hour plus. His sleep usually coincides with the school run in the afternoon so I’ve been known to stay in my car outside my house whilst he sleeps as I can’t transfer him too many times from the car to the pram without waking him.

He was introduced to bubbles for the first time last week at baby sensory and was amazed by them. He loved watching them fall down around him. He loves ribbons and something to grab hold of too. Our baby sensory classes are great for introducing him to new experiences. This week he learnt that he can lift his legs up and then slam them down onto the ground like a whale does in the water with its tail. That’s what I woke up to one of the mornings this week. I glanced at him and he just grinned at me!

Freddie Daddy

Freddie enjoys spending time with his Daddy and loves it when Olly pays him attention. I’m pretty sure he’s going to idolise his big brother. So far he doesn’t seem to like crowds as he’s got a bit upset when we’ve been to family parties but it’s probably to be expected. No-one loves constant attention and manhandling do they?

He’s got a busy few weeks ahead. He has his last lot of immunisations which I’m looking forward to getting out of the way. I haven’t enjoyed taking him for them but needs must. We’re going to a couple of shows at the NEC next week and I can’t wait to introduce him to a few friends at The Baby Show. I am loving spending all this time with him. Its going so quickly, I am soaking up every second.


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  • Reply Debs | Tiger Mint 10/05/2018 at 11:25 am

    Aww very sweet post :) You have a lovely family x
    Debs @

    • Reply Emma 10/05/2018 at 9:51 pm

      Thank you so much x

  • Reply mummywho 11/05/2018 at 7:32 pm

    Aww what a gorgeous boy! He looks very happy in all those pictures. Good luck with the sleep, hope he keeps to his new schedule.

    Kay xx

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