Freddie // Two months old

Freddie 8 weeks old 2 months

Our beautiful baby boy is now two months old. I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing up. He’s changing every single day and our fragile newborn is growing into a squishy baby with the most adorable munchable cheeks! 

Since his last update (Freddie’s first four weeks), he’s grown out of his newborn and first size clothes. He’s well into 0-3 month clothing and I’m pretty sure he’ll be out of those in another two or three weeks. He fills his snowsuit well now, we have the beautiful Khaki snowsuit from The Essential One which has been too big for him up until recently. He looks so snuggly in it and he appears to be toasty warm too as it has been freezing here with a few days of snow!

Feeding wise, he’s drinking 6oz bottles of milk every 3 to 4 hours but will occasionally have a day where he wants feeding every 3 hours. I’m sure he’s having a growth spurt which will account for his appetite. He’s not throwing up as much now which is brilliant. I have never done so much washing!

Freddie 8 weeks

My beautiful boy loves his sleep. He’s been sleeping really well at night time and after his last bottle of milk which falls between 7-10pm, he’ll fall asleep in his crib and will sleep through until the early hours often waking up around 4:30am-5am which is incredible, he’s sleeping so so well.

Appointments, appointments, appointments

Over the last four weeks, Freddie’s had quite the health check. Firstly we saw the health visitor at baby clinic and Freddie weighed in at 10lb 8oz. That was over 2 weeks ago so he’s probably well into the 11lb territory now. He then had his 6 week check with the doctor which was very routine and over and done with in a matter of minutes. He then had his ultrasound appointments at the hospital. I won’t lie, I was quite nervous but thankfully, the clinical director who scanned his hips and his sacral dimple have said that they all look very normal and they have no concerns about his health at all. I am one very pleased Mummy! Finally, he saw the health visitor who came to visit us at home and she had no concerns about him at all. Our next appointment with the health visitor will be when Freddie is between 9-12 months old.

Smiles all day

One of the best milestones of the last few weeks is that Freddie has now started to smile and it is the best thing to see. He’s such a happy smiley baby and he’s just this week (8 weeks) started to chatter back, making noises and interacting with us.

Freddie 8 weeks old 2 months

As this post is published, I’ll be taking Freddie for his 8 week injections at the Doctors Surgery. I’m not looking forward to it but he needs to be immunised. There’s so much going around, I do not want my little boy to be poorly! There are 3 injections and an oral dose of vaccine for Rotavirus. I’ve got plenty of cuddles and baby paracetamol lined up for him.

The next four weeks will see more big changes for our little Freddie with his first overnight stay at a hotel, meeting more of the family at a big family wedding and the start of baby activity classes; sparklers and baby massage with his little mate, also called Freddie. We can’t wait!

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