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Freddie Benjamin

    Freddie // Nine Months Old

    Freddie nine months old

    Our beautiful little boy, you’ve been a joy to have around (mostly) over the last nine months and I cannot believe that from today onwards you’ll have been on the outside here with us longer than you were in my tummy. It’s been an incredible nine months and you have completely turned our world upside down.  Read more

  • Freddie // Eight months old

    Freddie 8 months

    Freddie is eight months old, 243 days old or 34 weeks. It’s been a really lovely month for Freddie as…

  • Freddie // Six months old

    Freddie 6m.1

    Earlier this week, our little Freddie turned six months old. That’s a whole half a year of being with us,…

  • Freddie // Five Months Old

    Freddie five months old

    Yesterday our ‘not-so-little anymore’ Freddie was five months old. The months are rolling on by now. In the last month,…

  • Freddie // Four Months Old

    Freddie bubbles

    Today our little Freddie is four months old. He seems to have really grown over the last few weeks. He’s…

  • Freddie // Three months old

    Freddie 3 months old

    They say time flies when you’re having fun and this certainly applies to me being on maternity leave. Freddie is…

  • Freddie // Two months old

    Freddie 8 weeks old 2 months

    Our beautiful baby boy is now two months old. I can’t believe how quickly he’s growing up. He’s changing every…

  • Enjoying the newborn bubble

    Freddie Benjamin in hospital one day old

    It’s been nearly three weeks since our little Freddie was born and it’s safe to say we’re still very much…