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Monthly Updates

    Freddie // Five Months Old

    Freddie five months old

    Yesterday our ‘not-so-little anymore’ Freddie was five months old. The months are rolling on by now. In the last month, he seems to have grown so much and is becoming so much more rigid to carry. He’s holding his head up well and we have a roller who can roll over from back to front and front to back, that’s fun!  Read more

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  • Happy 2nd Birthday Little Mr

    Happy Birthday Little Mr. Today you are two. Two years ago you changed our lives and it’s been the best two…

  • Little Mr – 23 month update

      Little Mr, next month you are TWO! Twenty three months old and your personality has definitely began to shine. You…

  • Little Mr at 22 months..

    To my gorgeous Little Mr, This month you are 22 months old and in a few short days, we’ll be celebrating…