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    Happy 1st Birthday Freddie


    And just like that, he turned one. A whole year, 12 months, 52 weeks, 365 days of being Freddie Benjamin. He’s grown from a teeny 8lb newborn baby to a nearly-toddling, babble speaking one year old who loves cheesy wotsits, bananas and melon (not all in one go I must add!)

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  • Freddie 11 months old

    Freddie // Eleven months old

    A bit late for the monthly update as Freddie is now 11.5 months old but one I wanted to write to conclude  his first year with us. It’s been a busy month for Freddie…

  • Freddie 10 months old

    Freddie // Ten Months Old

    Double figures already! Freddie is ten months old today and is now edging towards his first birthday at a rate of knots, it is frightening how quickly this year has passed and how quickly…

  • Freddie nine months old

    Freddie // Nine Months Old

    Our beautiful little boy, you’ve been a joy to have around (mostly) over the last nine months and I cannot believe that from today onwards you’ll have been on the outside here with us…

  • Freddie 8 months

    Freddie // Eight months old

    Freddie is eight months old, 243 days old or 34 weeks. It’s been a really lovely month for Freddie as he’s had his big brother at home for the school holidays and in that…

  • Freddie 7 months

    Freddie // Seven Months Old

    What a month it has been for our beautiful Freddie. He seems to have really changed in such a short amount of time, over the last month he’s started weaning, he can sit up…

  • Freddie 6m.1

    Freddie // Six months old

    Earlier this week, our little Freddie turned six months old. That’s a whole half a year of being with us, part of our little family and being the best little brother. At six months…

  • Freddie five months old

    Freddie // Five Months Old

    Yesterday our ‘not-so-little anymore’ Freddie was five months old. The months are rolling on by now. In the last month, he seems to have grown so much and is becoming so much more rigid…

  • Now you are three | Happy Birthday Son

    At 5:47pm this evening, you will officially be three years old. Happy birthday to my gorgeous, curly haired, strong willed little man. I’m hugely proud of you, you’re by far my most greatest achievement.…

  • Little Mr at 26 months

    My cheeky faced blonde haired Little Mr is now 26 months old. This month Little Mr has enjoyed some quality time with his Daddy over Easter half term and has been able to get…