Freddie’s first four weeks

Freddie 4 weeks

Our beautiful little Freddie is four weeks old today. Those four weeks have flown by in a whirl of late night bottle feeds, early morning nappy changes, a million and one cuddles and still everyday I have to pinch myself that he’s here and I’m a mum of TWO gorgeous boys. 

Freddie four weeks

It was only this time last year when we were gearing up for our fertility consultant appointment at Birmingham Women’s Hospital without any clue what the year had in store for us. And what an incredible year it has been. So much has changed for our family and I really didn’t dare dream this for us last year as I would never have expected it to be our reality.

As I write this, Freddie is lying next to me in his co-sleeping crib with his beautiful blue eyes gazing up in my direction. He’s such a content baby. He’s sleeping well, allowing me to get in at least three hours sleep in between feeds throughout the night and has been guzzling his bottles well. We’re now making him 5oz bottles for feeds every three and a half to four hours and he’s managed to drain most of those. Shilts is doing the last feed of the evening when I try (ha ha!) to get some sleep before I’m up with Freddie in the dead of the night. Of course, I really don’t mind at all, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be!

four weeks

Although he’s feeding well, he’s been constipated and we’ve ended up changing his formula from SMA to Aptamil. Thankfully he’s been a bit more regular since then but I’m sure I said this with Olly, you never realise how happy a baby having a poo can make you! Seeing them so upset with constipation is awful as you cant really help them aside from tummy massages, moving their legs in a bicycle fashion and offering cooled boiled water.

His first size and newborn clothes are already getting a little snug. He has the biggest feet I’ve ever seen for a baby and his feet don’t really sit well in the feet areas of his baby grows. We’ll be having to get out the 0-3 month clothes in the next few days and re-arrange the clothes in his drawer. Thankfully we stored a lot of clothes away from when Olly was a baby so I’ll be washing those and adding them to his wardrobe.

Freddie four weeks

As predicted, Freddie hated his first bath but since then he’s had a few more and he seems really content with them. He has really dry skin so we’re using Aveeno Baby on his legs and his feet to help them. I’m keen not to over bathe him so top and tailing every night and then bathing him twice a week.

Freddie has become increasingly aware of Olly’s presence which is lovely. He’s always turning his head to see him and he loves holding his hand. It’s so heartwarming to see.

He loves to fall asleep in the pram and has accompanied me on the school run in an afternoon, I even wore him in the bambalino wrap which we both enjoyed. Freddie’s been on a few car journeys in both our cars and just yesterday I drove my car solo with both boys in the back in their car seats! It felt brilliant to get behind the wheel again. Freddie slept throughout the car journeys which must mean he’s comfortable which is all we want really.

four weeks

Freddie’s appointments have come through for his hip and sacral dimple ultrasounds so whilst I’m not looking forward to them, it’ll be good to find out if there’s anything to worry about and hopefully, get completely discharged from the paediatric team.

So four weeks on and Freddie is thriving. He looks like his big brother but also reminds me so much of me as a baby. It’s his little piggy nose that’s a replica of mine (poor boy!) but no doubt it won’t be long until people are saying he looks like his Daddy.

You are so loved Freddie, you really are! I can’t wait for the next four weeks together.

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  • Reply Becky @ Educating Roversi 07/02/2018 at 7:23 am

    Freddie’s just a couple of weeks younger than our Spud who was born on the 21st. You have a lovely family and F is completely gorgeous. It made me smile when you said his first size/newborn clothes were getting snug. Spuds very much in 0-3, little chunk, but she was 9lb4 when she was born! Even some of the 0-3 are becoming a little snug!

  • Reply Alice 07/02/2018 at 10:17 am

    Awww, he looks lovely! And so peaceful!! My “baby” is just about to turn 1 so I’m loving seeing all your newborn pics (even though I plan to never go there again!) We just got discharged following my little one’s sacral dimple assessment so best of luck for this, chances are all will be fine, even though it’s scary as sh*t! x

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