Freddie // Three months old

Freddie 3 months old

They say time flies when you’re having fun and this certainly applies to me being on maternity leave. Freddie is now three months old. Our little cheeky boy is usually full of smiles and has now found his hands, often in his mouth when he’s awake. 

Freddie three months old wedding

Since his last update, Freddie had his first set of injections. He coped really well with them; he had a very explosive nappy afterwards and had a raised temperature but nothing a few doses of Calpol couldn’t handle. He’s got his next set of injections at the end of the week which I’m not looking forward to but needs must.

Sleeps well

Freddie is such a content little boy. He has taken to sleeping well through the night going from 10pm until 5 or 6am. He’s currently sleeping in his co-sleeping Halo Bassinest (review to follow) at the side of our bed which he finds very comfortable, I often find him with his head towards the top of the bassinest in the morning as he’s pushed himself up during the night. It won’t be long before he’s in his cotbed which we’ve assembled ready for him along one side of our bedroom. I will miss having him so close at night time. I love waking up and seeing him asleep or looking in my direction when he’s awake.

Freddie three months old

Weigh in at 11 weeks

At the last weigh in, Freddie was 12lb 3oz (at 11 weeks old) and just this weekend he’s started to wear his 3-6 month clothing. I am not ready for the newborn clothing to be put away just yet but his legs are too long for them and his toes are pushing against the seams in the feet!

Freddie three months old smiling

He’s drinking a good 6oz of milk every 3 to 4 hours but doesn’t have a set pattern as to when he drinks them as it all depends on what time he wakes up in the morning. He has been less sick over the last four weeks but does like to throw in a surprise sick up once in a while!

First swim

Last week Freddie went for his first dip in the swimming pool which he enjoyed. He managed a good 25 minutes in the pool before completely flaking out on a lounger as his big brother enjoyed splashing around. He wore matching swimming gear with his brother which I just adored!

Freddie three months old matching

Freddie three months old asleep post swim

Freddie is so much more alert looking around and taking in everything. He’s found his voice and will happily chat away making various sounds at us all. It’s so wonderful to hear when he’s responding to Olly and Shilts. He enjoys lying on his play mat looking up at the toys dangling from the toy bar. He especially loves the toy hanging from his Chicco Baby Hug and tries to chat to it which is adorable.

He went to a family wedding last week and was asleep for most of the wedding breakfast. It amazes me how he can sleep through a noisy wedding reception but stir from me coughing or sneezing! Everyone adored him and he enjoyed lots of cuddles from the rest of the family.

Adapting well to family travel

Since the last update, we’ve also been away on a couple of occasions. He sleeps well in both his car seats (we have the Dualfix i-Size in Shilts’ car and the Maxi-Cosi Pebble in mine) and he’s slept brilliantly in the SleepSpace travel cot. Hopefully travelling with him from an early age will become second nature as it has with Olly. Olly sleeps really well in hotels so we’re hoping the same will come with Freddie.

I left Freddie for a couple of hours recently with my Mom and although I was nervous about it, he was no trouble at all. I think it’s easier the second time around as you know they’re going to be okay but still takes a bit of courage to leave him with someone other than my husband. It’ll get easier I’m sure.


Fancy a catch up? You can read Freddie’s two month update here and all about Freddie’s first four weeks here.

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