Weaning update.. 7 months

Thank you all for leaving me comments on my last post about weaning, as a first time Mum, I’m really trying hard to listen to my instincts and go with what I feel is right but sometimes, you just need a helping hand and a smiley face to say ‘You know what, it’s okay to ask for help’. I also want to say a BIG thank you to a very lovely lady who emailed me in support, it’s so good to know I’m not the only one who’s panicked over weaning.

We’ve moved on to Stage 2 puree’s as they’re thicker and lumpier, I’ve noticed that Little Mr actually moves the food round in his mouth so he’s practising the chewing movements and swallowing the food when he’s ready. I’ve also given him a few more finger foods and let him play with the soft vegetables from my Sunday dinner. Mostly have been squished into slush but he has picked up one or two pieces and eaten them. I’m really trying to remain calm and let his mouth do what it’s suppose to do and get that gag reflex going. It’s horrible but I really want him to learn to do it himself.

I’ve bought lots of small weaning pots in preparation for making my own food for Little Mr. Now I know what kind of foods he’s eating and enjoying I can make some up in bulk and freeze them. I’m really looking forward to making some meals for him and hopefully he’ll eat them!

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  1. 12/09/2013 / 8:25 am

    Keep it up Mrs your both doing great. I whizzed up a pan of chilli and rice (very mild and kept it textured) and Joe loved it. I have plenty of ‘cubes’ frozen ready for future meals. You’ll love cooking and adapting things to suit xx

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