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    Where did this fear come from?


    For a while now I’ve been wanting to write so many personal posts for this blog but really can’t find the right words. I don’t know what has happened or what has changed but I’m finding writing them really hard. Despite the lack of time to sit down and put fingers to keyboard, there seems to be a huge hurdle in my way preventing me from writing the words I want to share. Where did this fear come from?  Continue Reading

  • Aren’t we all just winging it?

    Being a Mummy to my boys is on the whole, my dream come true. It’s the moments of complete pride, where I stare at my two children and can’t quite believe they’re mine and…

  • Emma Freddie Feb 2018

    Trudging through the (new) Mum fog

    It’s been six weeks (on Tuesday) since my beautiful boy Freddie was born. He has settled really well into our family and he’s just gorgeous. It’s like he’s always been with us and I…

  • Welcome 2018

    18 things for 2018

    Happy New Year! To kick off the new year, I wanted to document some goals that I’m going to work on throughout the year. They’re both personal and work / blog related and I…

  • pregnant

    When self-doubt strikes..

    I’m having one of those evenings. I’m tired, feeling particularly grumpy after a busy week at work and I have a blog work to-do list longer than a queue for the latest big ride…

  • Frustrated and self-sabotage..

    I feel I need to write this down. Staying true to what I set my blog up to capture so I make no apology for this rambling explosion. I feel like I’m setting myself…

  • Our Mother’s Day Lunch at Aria, Birmingham

    For Mother’s Day this year, we took my husband’s Mum and Dad to Aria in Birmingham for a Mother’s Day lunch. I had been to Aria earlier in the month for a girl’s Afternoon…

  • What I’ve learnt four years on | Being a Mummy

    Yesterday my baby boy turned four years old. That’s four whole years of being something that I never thought I would be. Four years of being a mummy and what an incredible four years…