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    Making progress in the bathroom

    Family bathroom

    It has been a long seven months since we had our family bathroom renovated. Back in November 2018, we had our old bathroom ripped out and we had a fantastic new suite plumbed in and a walk-in shower installed. As with every home redecoration project, it costs money and unfortunately for us, the money ran out as we prioritised the fixtures and fittings for the new home office instead. Continue Reading

  • Desenio

    Updating our family walls with Desenio

    *Post in collaboration with Desenio* Since having our bathroom renovated last year, I have wanted to make more decorative changes to our home. Unfortunately I don’t have the budget that my Pinterest account desires…

  • Office

    Our new home office conversion

    In the summer of last year, we decided to make some changes to our home. Attached to the back of our home, accessible through the garden, we had an outhouse that was mainly used…

  • Creating a family command centre

    I used to be very organised and knew exactly where I needed to be and when, who’s birthday it was and when bills needed to be paid, then I had children and my brain…

  • Sleeping child

    Finding the right mattress for your children

    *A collaborative post  Sleep. It’s the dream isn’t it? But what if actually, it isn’t a dream and sleep is a bit of a distant memory. My boys (aged 5 and 1) used to…

  • Wood Flooring

    Choosing the right flooring for your home office

    We recently completed the renovation of our outhouse into a super functional home office. It has been a dream come true to finally get the creative space I needed and I can escape to…

  • Radiators Bike Hallway

    Keeping your home warm and cosy in the colder months

    *A collaborative post  With the colder weather bringing frost, sleet and even snow it’s no wonder that you’ll want to keep your home warm and cosy this winter. Making sure your home is ready…

  • Home Office mood board

    Our home office plans

    After YEARS of having a makeshift desk in the corner of a room, with paperwork piled high on the dining room table and stationery, blog samples and props stacked in ‘spare’ places around our…