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Back to School

    The first half term in Reception..


    Just one more day at school and Olly’s first half term in reception is complete. What a six weeks it’s been! We always knew it was going to be hard work with Olly’s anxiety about going into school but  despite the daily tears, he’s made lots of progress and that’s something we’re definitely holding onto.  Continue Reading

  • hand in hand

    Walking hand in hand

    We walk hand in hand around the corner to your school. You’re in Reception now and get to stay in school all day until 3:30pm when the home time bell goes. It’s a long…

  • Disney Pixar Cars 3 Back to school

    Olly’s Cars 3 inspired Back to School Checklist

    *A post in collaboration with the Disney Store  With just a couple of weeks left of the school holidays and a new school term on the horizon, we’re thinking about going back to school.…

  • Thinking ahead to Reception

    *A post in partnership with Marks and Spencer  In just four short weeks, it’ll be time to walk Olly to school for his first day in Reception. It will no doubt be a nerve…

  • Preparing for back to school with Stuck On You // AD

    *This is a sponsored review I can’t quite believe that Olly will be starting full-time school in September. He’ll be going in to Reception class along with the friends he’s made in pre-school and…

  • Encouraging learning with Education Quizzes

    *This is a collaborative post My nearly-four year old son is a quick learner. Despite his anxiety about going into school, when he is there, he absolutely loves it. He loves learning new things…

  • Back to pre-school woes..

    *Excuse my ramblings, this has turned into an epic post with a lot more words than it probably needs but I just need a release, after a rubbish, rubbish week I need to get…

  • Olly’s first parents evening

    Just 6 weeks into Olly’s first term at pre-school and we were invited into school to meet his Teacher for parents evening to find out how our little man has settled in. I was really…

  • Back to school with My Nametags // AD

    *Review post One of the (many) things I was dreading with Olly starting pre-school was the amount of uniform I would have to label. When we went to the school for a new parents…