Yale Smart Living All-in-One Outdoor Camera // Review

Yale All-in-one camera

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Home security is something that we take seriously and now working from home, often late into the early hours of the morning, feeling secure at home is a priority for me. We were recently asked if we wanted to review the new to the market All-in-One Outdoor Camera from Yale Smart Living and I jumped at the chance. Yale are well known for their security products so I was keen to take a look at their new camera.

The All-in-One Camera can be used both indoors and outdoors. For the purpose of this review, I’ll be using the camera indoors until we can position the camera outdoors for use in the back garden however, I will explain the features for both uses.

The box says the camera is waterproof (IP65 rated), has a siren alarm (of up to 110db), has a built in spotlight (160 Lumen) and has motion detection alert capacity to send alerts to your device. It has a live view camera so you can always see what is happening at home, 2way communications and has the ability to view previous footage (SD card is required)

What’s in the box

Inside the box is the All-in-One Camera. The camera is attached to a 3 metre USB cable which you can plug in direct to an electricity source or use the plug included. The box also contains a wall mount / stand and some fittings to help you attach it to the wall. Also included in the box is a manual leaflet and a wall mount drilling holes guide.

How easy is it to set up?

The camera works on your home wifi network and through the Yale View app on your smart phone. The Yale View app can be downloaded on both the App Store for IOS or through Google Play for Android. The app allows you to connect and configure the camera and then use the camera daily via the app.

Once I had downloaded the app, it was time to connect the camera to our home wifi network. This took me ages and I’ll tell you why. The app follows a wizard to set up the camera and it asks you questions along the way. The app asked for the serial number or the QR code but I couldn’t find those initially. Half an hour later, I discovered that they were on the silver label attached to the camera near the USB end of the cable. I was using the barcode from the box which is incorrect!

Once I had the correct details of the camera, the set up process was quick and easy. I was able to see the camera’s view on my iPhone straightaway and then configure the settings.

What’s the picture quality like?

You’re able to configure the settings on the camera to either SD – standard definition or HD – high definition. In full HD mode, the picture quality is 1080p. It’s a brilliant picture. Much clearer than I was expecting. For the purpose of this review, I’ve taken a screenshot from the app of what the picture is like when there is a light on, and when it’s dark (it has a 10 meter range for night vision). I think that’s rather impressive.

Yale All-in-one camera

Yale All-in-one camera

What other features does it have?

The All-in-One camera has a built in spotlight which you can activate from your phone. You can also set it to motion detect only so it will come on if someone comes into range. You’re able to adjust this range using the settings within the app. You’re able to also adjust the brightness of the spotlight which is a brilliant feature.

Motion detection is a great way to personalise the settings on the camera. You’re able to configure motion detection alerts and also set up the camera to only detect motion from certain areas of the camera’s field of vision. This is a great way to reduce the camera picking up your neighbours coming home from a night out at 4 in the morning or someone innocently walking past the house.

Yale All-in-one camera

The camera has two-way communications so you’re able to directly talk to someone in front of or next to the camera. This would be useful if you wanted to place it at your front door to advise the postman to leave parcels next door or to tell cold callers that you’re not interested without the awkwardness at the door. Additionally, the camera has a built in siren which is ideal for deterring unwanted visitors from outside the home. The siren can be activated and controlled from within the app. And it is loud!

One of the best things about the camera is that you can use it indoors and outdoors. The camera is waterproof so can be mounted outside and it comes with a stand with fittings. We’re hoping to get ours mounted in the back garden. My only concern is that the cable is only 3 metres long so we’ll need to think carefully about where we want to place the camera as it’ll need to be connected to the electricity supply permanently.

The other brilliant feature that I really like is that there are no monthly (hidden) fees. You can access all the features straight from the box and you don’t need to wait to use it. You will however need an SD card to slot into the camera so it can record and store recordings for you.

What’s the price?

The Yale Smart Living All-in-One Camera is currently priced at £119.99 from the Yale website. I think this is a fantastic price for the waterproof camera and all the features that it includes. There are other cameras that do less things that are more expensive on the market currently so in my opinion, this is a great buy!


Disclosure: I was sent the camera to review and was compensated for my time. This post also contains affiliate links which means if you purchase the product, I get a small monetary thank you at no extra cost to yourselves. Thanks so much for your support. 

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    This camera looks great. We have cameras inside but nothing outside, this could be so useful x

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