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At the end of last year, we had two quite substantial renovation projects underway in our home. We had our outhouse converted into a home office and we had our bathroom renovated with a new suite, walk in shower and family bath installed. We have already added considerable additional value to our home since we took on the mortgage many years ago but there’s still plenty we could do.

Moving access to the loft

We live in a two-bedroomed terraced house and space is at a premium. Our boys are now sharing a bedroom, with a full sized cot and cabin bed in there, there’s not much room for much else. One of the ways we want to improve the storage and space in the room is to get bunk beds for the boys to use and then use clever storage systems for their clothing and their toys. Now this won’t add value to the house but by using the cupboard space underneath the existing loft hatch as a toy cupboard, this will help us save space elsewhere in the room. We intend to move the loft hatch to the landing so it’s accessible at any time of the day and this will give us more space in their bedroom for all their stuff.

Moving the access to the loft requires skill and this is something that we would want to get a professional to help us with. We intend to get some quotes so we know how much money it is likely to be. One of the ways we’ll get quotes from the professionals is through We can ask for a builder to come and give us a quote for the work and we can go with the tradesman who gives us the best solution to our problem.

Use the loft space

As we need more space in our small home, we could build upwards and use the space in the loft. Currently we only use the loft for storing our Christmas decorations, multiple pushchairs and baby memorabilia so we could repurpose the space to include some storage for these important things and use the rest of the space as a useable room. Perhaps this could be the third bedroom we need?

Redecorating everywhere

Once you get one room renovated, it seems to be a cycle where rooms you have redecorated in the past, seem to need doing again. Perhaps they have dirty walls (hello children) or interior styling has been updated since they were last done. Our hall, stairs and landing need new carpets and a fresh lick of paint. Unfortunately for us, the stairs and landing have been covered in really ugly wood chip wallpaper and to remove it, might mean we need to re-plaster the walls. This could be a costly exercise for us as the walls are quite high and the stairs are dangerous to decorate. Ideally we’d like to remove the wood chip, redecorate the walls to something light and bright and replace the carpet too.

There is always ways to add value to your property. Once the bathroom and the kitchen are done, everything else you can change, renovate or improve helps to add value to the price of your home.

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