Freddie // Ten Months Old

Freddie 10 months old

Double figures already! Freddie is ten months old today and is now edging towards his first birthday at a rate of knots, it is frightening how quickly this year has passed and how quickly he has changed from a tiny baby to one that now stands up, waves bye-bye and high fives on request. 

Freddie 10 months old

He’s most certainly a little boy now. He’ll always be my baby but his newborn baby looks have gone and replaced with a cheeky little boy who’s smile could light up any room. Freddie now has 3 teeth, his bottom two have finally emerged as has his fang on his upper right gum. He’s had awful nappies and has been quite upset with regular wake ups throughout the night but I daren’t jinx it and say we’re now sleeping through because we didn’t last night.. yawn!

He has found his feet and can lift himself up from sitting and hold onto the side of the sofa. He’s walked a couple of steps with help but he’s not braved moving on his own yet. I am certainly not ready for that. We’ve bought him a walker for Christmas (which he’s had early as we thought he would need it now rather than later) but so far he’s not interested in holding it to walk, it just has flashing lights on and sounds which are different to what he’s heard before.

Freddie 10 months old

He’s eating and drinking well. We’re down to 3 5oz bottles throughout the day now; once first thing in the morning, one after his afternoon nap and one before bed. I think he’s gone off the milk with teething as we had quite a game getting him to drink it when his gums were playing him up.

Feeding Freddie can be quite fun, and it can also be quite stressful. He’s not afraid to give foods a try and will happily eat something he’s not had before but give him something with tomato in and he’s not happy. He really doesn’t like it. For a couple of weeks we’ve been spoon feeding him some foods as he’s not been eating much himself. He loves to hold the food but when he’s feeding himself I’m not entirely convinced he’s eating much.

Freddie 10 months old

We have his 10 month check with the Health Visitor next week and I’m interested in finding out how much he weighs. He hasn’t been weighed for about 4 months. He’s now in his 9-12 month clothing and I cannot wait to dress him in all the Christmas clothing! We’ve got an Elf sleep suit and a Santa sleep suit for him to wear as well as other Christmas themed tops and trousers. If you can’t dress them up when they’re babies when can you?

Freddie 10 months old

He’s at such a lovely age but it is exhausting. He’s into everything he shouldn’t and I can’t put him down anywhere without him grabbing something or crawling off. I do need eyes in the back of my head. We’ve put a travel cot in the dining room so I can put him down in there when I’m cooking dinner but he’s not really a fan despite him having lots of toys to play with in there.

Edit: He now weighs 19lb 13oz and is 75cm tall!

I’m looking forward to the month ahead as we have some days out and some new things planned as we gear up for Freddie’s First Christmas, I’m so excited!

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