Freddie // Eight months old

Freddie 8 months

Freddie is eight months old, 243 days old or 34 weeks. It’s been a really lovely month for Freddie as he’s had his big brother at home for the school holidays and in that time, Freddie seems to have grown so quickly. They really don’t stay little for long.

Freddie 8 months

At eight months old he can now sit unaided and will happily sit with his toys for ages. He loves spending time with his toys, banging on the little drum, looking at the colours and textures in a ‘first words’ book and trying to put everything he shouldn’t have in his mouth.

He’s on the move! He commando crawls on his front for everything now and I remember Olly doing a similar thing. He can get up on his knees and take one knee forward then he belly flops on his tummy and just crawls on his belly. He loves to reach for things and does the grabbing action with his hand. It’s adorable to watch him try and grab things just out of reach.

Freddie 8 months old outside highchair

Freddie’s routine at eight months old

We’re attempting to get Freddie into a routine with his naps as we’ve found lately that if we don’t act on the signs that Freddie is hungry or tired, he usually gets upset very quickly and is naturally, quite grizzly!

After waking up any time from 7am, he then has some milk and then joins his big brother downstairs for breakfast. He’s been enjoying weetabix warmed with milk, dry cheerios and apple and oat porridge as well as enjoying Olly’s left over pieces of toast. Then after the school run it’s nap time and I’m trying to put him up in his cot straightaway as he’ll be undisturbed up there and I can get some jobs done.

The length of his morning naps are so unpredictable, somedays he has 30 minutes and on the odd occasion he can sleep for 90 minutes! He has another smaller sized bottle of milk (which he’s gradually reducing himself over time) and a snack. At 12:30pm, it’s lunchtime and we’re having fun with lunches at the moment. He eats pretty much everything except for macaroni cheese, he doesn’t like that! In fact he cried, he didn’t like it at all!

Freddie 8 months

At 1pm I aim for him to go down for his second nap of the day and pray that he’ll sleep for at least an hour. Again, his nap times can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours (we do love the two hour naps as I can have lunch myself, catch up on jobs and have a sit down).

Just after 3pm it’s time to fetch Olly from school so we have a lovely little walk to fetch Olly with Freddie in the pushchair. When we get home we offer another bottle of milk, sometimes he’s taking them and other times he’s not interested at all, I guess it all depends on how much lunch was eaten (or what was thrown on the floor).

We aim for dinner to be given at about 5pm-5:30pm and again he will eat pretty much everything. We’re giving Baby Led Weaning a really good go and I’ve been impressed with how well Freddie picks up food and feeds himself. We’ve also tried a couple of jars and pouches for convenience but always offer finger foods at every meal. I’ve written more about how we’re getting on with weaning here.

The bath and bedtime routine starts at 7pm and he’s now in the bath with Olly each night which they both love. Either I or Shilts read the boys a bedtime story and then it’s time for sleeps. Freddie will fall asleep in five minutes whilst Olly plays with his lego for a little bit longer.

Freddie 8 months old

The Eight month sleep regression

Freddie’s had several nights of restless sleep and has become a fan of waking up at 4:30am. Sometimes he just wants attention and other nights he has drained a 7oz bottle of milk. I’m not sure if it’s because he’s hungry that he’s woke up, some days when he’s eating it can seem like he’s eating lots but then as a lot ends up on the floor, I can’t be sure! I’m really hoping the sleep regression is a very short phase, I’m not used to the wake ups in the middle of the night.

Baby classes and time with Grandparents

We started a new baby class last week and we’re pleased to be doing it with our friends. We’ve started Sing and Sign which is a class to help little ones learn essential communication skills with signing all taught in a fun and interactive way. We’ve only had one class so far but we’ve enjoyed it. Freddie’s also going to be have one day each week with his Grandparents at their house. It’s something we wished we had done earlier with Olly (he got separation anxiety when I went back to work after maternity leave) so hopefully it’ll help Freddie for when I need to leave him for work purposes. I’m sure he’ll have a fantastic time being spoiled and cooed over all day but even though he’s my second baby, it doesn’t make it any easier.

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