Weaning Freddie

Freddie Weaning

Just before Freddie turned six months old, he started to take notice of us eating. He would watch me hold the food on my fork and would follow its journey from the plate to my mouth. It was only when at 24 weeks old, he took the opportunity to grab my lunch from my plate that I knew he was very interested in food and we should probably start with weaning. 

Freddie Weaning

I knew this time around that I wanted to make life easier for us all and try baby-led weaning. I liked the idea of giving Freddie food on a plate and for him to pick it up, explore it, taste it and hopefully enjoy it. I was worried though, babies don’t just learn how to eat straight away, it would take practice, commitment from my part and regular introductions to new tastes and textures.

His older brother Olly is a very fussy eater and we started Olly off on pureed food, both homemade and from a pouch. I was determined to do things differently this time around (sorry Olly) so boiled some carrot batons so they were soft and gave them to Freddie to eat. He loved them! I’m not entirely sure how much he ate but he had no problem picking them up and putting them to his mouth.

Since we’ve started weaning with Freddie we’ve tried lots of foods and flavours. These include apple and oat porridge, cheese spread brown bread sandwiches, Ella’s Kitchen sweetcorn and carrot Melty Sticks, cucumber sticks, melon and watermelon, pear slices, broccoli, peas and sweetcorn. He also loves fish fingers, cheesy mashed potato and sausages. We’ve also not been too shy to try him on different flavour combinations and pouches. Our favourites so far include Aldi Mamia apple and blueberry breakfasts and My Little Piccolo vegetable and fruit pouches. Their fruit pouches are delicious too and the perfect size for taking out and about!

Piccolo pouches

I am a lot more relaxed with food for Freddie, I’m not sure if it’s having the confidence in knowing what happened the first time around that helps. But it certainly does help that Freddie is a really good eater, he’ll try anything and has done really well so far with the textures and my lumpy mash!

When we’re out for the day, we take finger foods and I’ll take a couple of pouches of food. Freddie doesn’t mind being spoon fed, he’d just rather do it himself. He loves to grab the spoon off me and put it in his mouth. I’ve been loading spoons up with yoghurt, porridge and other sloppier foods and he loves it.

Freddie Weaning

It’s messy! We opted for a simple Ikea Antilop high chair and Messy Me kindly sent us a cushion for his chair and a splash mat for the floor. I’ll be reviewing those separately as they’re such brilliant products but it is so messy! I’m glad we haven’t changed our carpet yet. He gets food everywhere. When Olly was a baby we had Mikey, the westie so he hoovered up any food that fell to the floor. Sadly we don’t have Mikey anymore so I’m realising just how much food ends up down there!

When it comes to mealtimes, I’ll sit and watch Freddie eat. Although I’m a lot more relaxed about him picking up food, I’m still very cautious about him eating foods that could cause him harm if he bit too much of it off. We’ll always offer water throughout the meal and he’s getting better at drinking that too!

When we’re a bit further down our journey of weaning with Freddie, I’ll pop up a meal plan of what he’s been eating and what foods I’ve made. There’s so much more to try him on, I can’t wait!

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