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Weaning Freddie

When it comes to weaning there is so much advice out there about how you should do it, what you should use and what baby should wear. Using my ‘second time round Mum’ experience, we’ve opted for simple products that are effective when weaning Freddie who is now 7 months old. In my opinion, there’s no need to go to town with all the products some magazines will make you believe you need! 

Weaning Freddie

Highchair: Antilop Ikea

We chose the Antilop Ikea highchair as it’s a simple design, I love the huge tray on the front and Ikea is down the road from our house! The price is also a big plus point here as it was under £10 for the lot (highchair seat, legs and tray). At first, Freddie was unsteady sitting in the highchair, he would slouch forward and to the side which made me wary of him eating solids but over time, he’s got much stronger and is able to sit up confidently in the highchair.

Highchair cushion insert: Messy Me

The Antilop highchair comes with a blow up insert cushion which was fine but as soon as I saw the range from Messy Me I knew that I had to have one of them. Messy Me make lots of brilliant products out of oilcloth. They’re brilliant designs so look really stylish and of course, you can wipe them down easily and remove food from them.

Freddie Weaning

Splash mat: Messy Me

It’s inevitable that food will end up on the floor. Freddie has discovered that the more I say no, the more he’ll do it game so now I tend to let him get on with it and cover the floor with the Messy Me Splash Mat. It matched the highchair cushion made from the same fabric so it’s wipeable and very easy to use!

Weaning plates and bowls: Ikea

I love the simplicity of these bowls and plates from Ikea. They’ve lasted so well, we bought these with Olly when he was little and we’re still using them today. The bowls and plates are from the Kalas range and prices start from £1.20 for a pack of 6. Olly has a bowl of porridge or chocolate weetabix in them every morning and I’m sure Freddie’s not far behind.

Divided plates: Bamboo Bamboo

I was totally sucked into buying this after seeing friends on Instagram show off their baby’s food in them. I think they’re a great product. They’re made from Bamboo as their brand name suggests and they have a clever rubber ring on the bottom of them so you can suction them to the highchair. I bought both the Fox and the Bunny in the recent Prime Day sales on Amazon. They keep foods separated which is brilliant for Freddie as he can then see whats on his plate and choose what he fancies to eat first. They’re not cheap at £14.99 each but they look lovely and wash really well!

Water beaker: Munchkin and Tommee Tippee

At the moment I’m using both a Munchkin and a Tommee Tippee water beaker for Freddie with a soft silicon spout. We tried using the harder plastic spouts with him but he wasn’t drinking anything as he couldn’t suck from it. He was biting the spout instead of sucking it. Now we know he’s able to suck from the spouts, we’ll try him on different water beakers to make sure he keeps himself hydrated.

Freddie Weaning

Bibs: Bibetta + Annabel Karmel

Bibs are saviours! They protect Freddie from a multitude of spillages, juices from fruits, yoghurts, water, spit, you name it. We were recently sent an Annabel Karmel Ultrabib from Bibetta which we have been using and it’s great. It’s like a jacket you pop over their top half of clothing and it has a pop out scoop at the bottom to catch food. It’s made from Neoprene which is the same fabric wet suits are made from and although it advises to hand wash after every meal, I’m afraid we don’t get the luxury of time to do that. I love the funky apple print and the bright and colourful design of this bib and it’s been great to use with Freddie so far. It retails at £11.99 and will hopefully last us during this messy phase!

Spoons: Rest Easy Spoons – Annabel Karmel

I love weaning spoons as they’re so easy to handle. We were sent a pack of weaning spoons from Annabel Karmel and they’ve been brilliant. The Rest Easy Spoons have an easy grip handle which is perfect for Freddie to grab hold of. They have a supportive base which is great for keeping spoons off surfaces, I have a thing about keeping the spoons clean! They also have a soft tip which is great for when Freddie tries to feed himself and rams the spoon into his mouth. At least I know he’s not going to do himself any damage with these. The green and orange spoons sell in a pack of 5 for £3.37.

Freddie Weaning

Meal ideas: Baby Led Weaning Recipe Book

Whilst I love giving Freddie bits of what we’re all eating, it’s great to get ideas from those in the know. I’ve really enjoyed looking through the Baby Led Weaning Recipe Book from Annabel Karmel as there’s some fantastic recipes for babies. We’ve skipped a lot of the puree first foods and opted for mixing flavours together such as the Potato, Carrot and Sweetcorn Balls. There’s also an app you can download for ideas too!

Time to clean up with Milton

Once Freddie’s eaten and usually having a soak in the bath before bedtime, I’ll wipe down his highchair and the surrounding areas with an antibacterial spray or wipe. I’ve been using the Antibacterial Surface Spray from Milton as it’s a brand I know and trust. I love the smell and knowledge that Freddie’s highchair is clean and ready for action again. We also use their cold water sterilising tablets when we’re away on our travels too!


Products to try out later as weaning progresses

We have been grateful that many brands have been keen to get involved with Freddie’s weaning journey and we’ve received a number of other products that I’m keen to try with Freddie as he gets a bit older. These include the fantastic cutlery set from Benjamins Products. This pusher and spoon set allows little ones from 12 months get hands on with their own cutlery and learn to become independent with their foods. They’re also made for left and right handed users so depending on your child’s ability, there’s a set of cutlery just for them. I know from experience that it takes a while for children to learn to use cutlery so there’s no rush but we’ll definitely be giving these a go in the near future.

We’ve also been sent the Annabel Karmel Mini Ice Lolly Set which unfortunately Freddie was too young to use in the hot weather this Summer. We’ll definitely be using them if we get any more hot weather as I can’t wait to make Freddie some home made ice lollies. This set has four mini moulds that you can pour liquids into and once frozen they will turn into home made ice lollies. They’re currently priced at £4.49 on Amazon.

Freddie isn’t holding his own drinks to properly drink as yet but when he gets a bit more comfortable holding the cup with handles, we’ll be introducing the doidy cup to him. It’s a simple but clever design that is an open slanted weaning cup which is said to help babies develop their jaw muscles, speech, hand to eye coordination as well as being better for gums, teeth and oral health.


These are just a small round up of the essentials we’ve been using over the last two months. With thanks to the brands mentioned above for sending us their products to try out.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links and products sent to us for review. All words and images are my own. 

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