Freddie // Seven Months Old

Freddie 7 months

What a month it has been for our beautiful Freddie. He seems to have really changed in such a short amount of time, over the last month he’s started weaning, he can sit up on his own (for short amounts of time) and he’s on the move! 

Freddie seven months

At seven months old, Freddie seems to have developed so much. He’ll look around in your direction if you call him so he definitely knows his name. He’s on the move now, if you pop him down on the floor, he’ll roll over on to his tummy and shuffle across the room. He’s really trying to move his legs to begin crawling but at the moment he’s just not got it. It won’t be long though as he’s practising hard every day and seems to be really determined. He’s sitting up on his own for short amounts of time. He tries to steady himself and can sit for a while playing with his toys then all of a sudden he topples over and he’s on the floor.

seven months old

I started weaning Freddie at six months old but over the last month he’s started to take more of an interest in food and is happy to try pretty much anything. He much prefers solids over puree and when feeding him his porridge in the morning he prefers me to load a spoon for him to feed himself (and the rest of the highchair / floor / his face). It’s really interesting to watch him and so far he’s enjoyed a huge range of fruits and vegetables. He’s tried a bit of chicken (wasn’t that keen) loved sausage and enjoys fish fingers!

We’ve been trying the Baby Led Weaning approach which is where you put foods in front of them and they self-serve. Freddie loves to hold his food and he’s loved eating broccoli by holding the stems, sweet potato wedges, cheesy mashed potato pebbles and cheesy spread on brown bread. He loves strawberries too and seeing his face when he encounters the different flavours is brilliant to watch. So far so good with the weaning.

Freddie’s still in his 6-9 month clothes which seem to fit him brilliantly, he’s in size 3 nappies and probably weighs about 17lb 5oz (I haven’t had him weighed since the end of July). He’s certainly getting taller and heavier that’s for sure.

Freddie seven months

His beautiful little hair is growing lots and I’m sure we’ll have another little curly haired boy on our hands. The locks at the front of his head are all bouncy and wavy which is pretty much how his brothers was when he was a baby.

Freddie seven months

Freddie seven months

Thankfully, Freddie is still sleeping really well. Sleeping from 8:30pm until 6:30/7am in his cot in our bedroom. He slept really well in the SleepSpace travel cot on holiday (we take it everywhere with us for peace of mind) so I’m pleased he seems to like his sleep. He sleeps well in the car too which I am pleased with. Makes travelling a whole lot easier!

Freddie seven months

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