Freddie // Six months old

Freddie 6m.1

Earlier this week, our little Freddie turned six months old. That’s a whole half a year of being with us, part of our little family and being the best little brother. At six months old, Freddie is growing into his own little character. He’s definitely not a little baby anymore and is becoming a cheeky smiler that loves his sleep and is a little cautious with food. 

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At six months old, Freddie is now wearing 6-9 month clothing, he’s so long! Everyone keeps telling me how big he is although I’ve not had him weighed for a few weeks, I’m pretty sure he’s still on the 25th centile line! He’s been wearing rompers of late with no feet in as its been so warm and he seems to be happy enough like that. At night he’s sleeping in his 1.0 tog Aden + Anais sleeping bag with just a vest on underneath.

Freddie sleeping

Freddie is sleeping so well. I’m pleased we started a routine with him when he was much younger as it seems to be paying off now. He knows that after his last bottle at around 7:30pm-8 o’clock that it’s time for sleep. We’ll either give him a wash down or a bath, give him his last feed then tuck him up after reading him a story with his big brother. He loves a muslin on his face, which scares me most of the time but we’re careful with him. Letting him drop off with it on his face or by his cheeks then removing it once he’s asleep. It’s a definite comfort thing. He sleeps usually from 9pm until 7am which I am very pleased about. He does sometimes stir in the night after he’s woken up on his front wedged at the end of the cot and he’s stuck. He’s only recently taken to sleeping on his front, he looks very comfy and is just like his big brother.

Freddie six months

We’ve started to wean Freddie (at 24 weeks) as he was interested in our food. He’s always glaring at our meals so we’ve done a couple of weeks of first tastes so far. We’ve pureed the food as he still isn’t great at sitting up in the high chair. We’ve got the Ikea Antilop high chair which is great but the straps don’t really help him sit up right so he keeps flopping himself forwards which is not ideal when there’s food around! As soon as he’s sitting up right in the chair by himself we’ll be giving him food to enjoy and textures to explore. He’s still taking 5 bottles of around 7/8oz of milk throughout the day and we’re offering him cooled boiled water in the heat too! I’m writing up a more detailed post about weaning so watch this space!

We recently went down to London on the train just the two of us and he was brilliant. He slept on the way there, he was happy and smiley whilst we were at the event and he was just lovely company. I love that he’s such a happy smiley boy, he has the most wonderful grin!

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He’s confident with his rolling over now and will happily stay on his front for a good ten minutes. He’s started to shuffle himself up and has learnt that if he kicks off something he can shuffle up, so he’s been trying to push himself off the sofa, the bed… we cannot put him down anywhere!

Although it’s only been six months, it does feel like he’s always been here with us. He’s fitted so well into our family, everyone just adores him and we’re very lucky!

Freddie 6m.1

Freddie 6m.1

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  • Reply Emily and Indiana 14/07/2018 at 2:06 pm

    Happy half birthday Freddie! Lilah snuggles a muslin to sleep too, it’s so sweet but scary isn’t it! He’s such a gorgeous little boy xxx

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