Freddie // Five Months Old

Freddie five months old

Yesterday our ‘not-so-little anymore’ Freddie was five months old. The months are rolling on by now. In the last month, he seems to have grown so much and is becoming so much more rigid to carry. He’s holding his head up well and we have a roller who can roll over from back to front and front to back, that’s fun! 

Freddie five months old

I haven’t had Freddie weighed this month as we’ve had the dreaded pox do the rounds in our house. He had a mild dose of them and the chicken pox spots came out whilst we were away on our holiday in Norfolk. Thankfully he only got about 15 spots so didn’t get it too badly and it didn’t seem to bother him at all.

Freddie’s still wearing aged 3-6 month clothing but his dungarees and a few of his clothes are getting a bit tight. He’ll definitely be in 6-9 month clothing before we hit July. He’s having five 7-8oz bottles throughout the day; usually somewhere between these timings 6am, 9:30am, 12:30pm, 4pm, 7:30pm.

Freddie five months

He’s still been sleeping through from 8:30pm until 6am so he’s getting a good amount of sleep. Throughout the day, he likes a morning nap and if I can get him back to sleep first thing after his first bottle he will usually sleep for a good couple of hours.  He will then nap around lunchtime and then again just after the school run (or if I’m really unlucky, just before I need to leave to fetch Olly from school).

Freddie five months

In the car, he’s a fantastic little backseat buddy. I’ve had to take the wedge out of the Maxi Cosi Pebble Plus which is in my car and I’ll do the same in the Dualfix i-Size which is in Greg’s car. I’m sure he’s over 60cm now as he’s getting very long.

We’ve finished our courses with the children’s centre which was good fun and we’ve stayed in touch with a couple of the other ladies and babies from the group. We’re hoping to meet up for a coffee and a playdate soon.

Freddie five months

He’s had his first proper family holiday to Norfolk and had a little bounce on the very windy beach at Horsey Gap. He slept really well in the hotel and at the lodge we stayed in, in his travel cot. We like to keep him in the same travel cot for familiarity and it seems to be working well for us so far. He’s still in the co-sleeping Halo Bassinest next to our bed, I like having him so close to me, I’m a bit reluctant to move him. I will need to do it and I’m sure he’s ready, it’s just me who isn’t!

Next month he’ll be six months old and probably at the start of his weaning journey. He’s been watching us drink and eat our meals over the last few weeks so I’m sure he’ll be weaning well before his brother did. He can’t sit up on his own yet but practice in the highchair will give him a bit of a boost.

Freddie five months

Overall he’s a very chilled content little boy who has an infectious giggle and will smile for anyone. He’s a joy to be around most of the time which is just lovely. He loves a little chat and will babble on for ages then will stop and watch the world go by.

We do love you Freddie chops, our world is so complete with you in it!

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