The first half term in Reception..


Just one more day at school and Olly’s first half term in reception is complete. What a six weeks it’s been! We always knew it was going to be hard work with Olly’s anxiety about going into school but  despite the daily tears, he’s made lots of progress and that’s something we’re definitely holding onto. 


When Olly was in pre-school, we had awful mornings full of tears, upset and sickness. This was something we were hopeful we wouldn’t experience in the new school year and on the whole, we’ve had huge progress. Our mornings are pretty much routine, we get up and get dressed. Olly and Shilts go downstairs to start breakfast whilst I finish getting ready and then by 8am, Olly watches some television. It’s a huge distraction technique and one that works. We know if Olly dwells on something he works himself up so we distract him with the television and general family discussions.

Thankfully, our mornings before school have been much more peaceful with only a couple of mornings where he’s been upset before leaving the house. Unfortunately, getting him from the playground to the classroom is much more stressful and we have tears pretty much every single day. As we walk into the playground he’s fine, but as the bell rings and the doors open, the tears flow and he clings onto us. They’re real tears too and it gets me every single day.

We’re not entirely sure why he gets so upset because as soon as he walks through the classroom door, the tears dry up and he takes off his coat and bag and settles himself down on the carpet like the rest of the class. He’s not alone, there’s a few little boys in his class that get themselves upset first thing which we take a bit of comfort in (that sounds mean but at least he’s not the only one to be upset).

School half term

Once at school he’s usually fine. He loves his lessons, he’s doing well with his phonics, he’s learning how to add up in maths, he’s writing more and more (even writing us little notes at the weekends to ask us to get up, ha!) his reading has come on and he’s soaking up so much. Often coming home and telling us nothing about his day only to tell us later on in the evening what he’s learnt and picked up from school. He’s made some new friends and talks about them frequently.


We recently had a play and stay session at school and it was lovely to spend an hour with him in his school environment. He showed both Shilts and I where his tray was and showed us some of his work on the walls, which he was really proud of. We met with his Teacher who was full of praise for him, aside from the walking into school upset and his reluctance to eat anything other than potato, cheese and cucumber at lunch time.

We are very much looking forward to the half-term break. Olly’s found the long days at school tough, always coming out of school hungry and a bit grouchy. He’s falling asleep much quicker on an evening but not really any earlier than before. And he sleeps through! After all those early years of very little (read next to zero sleep!) he’s sleeping through the night and waking up between seven and half past in the morning. Thank goodness!


We’re going to enjoy the half term break. Both Shilts and I are at work for some of the week so Olly will those days I’m working with his Grandparents, no doubt being spoilt with various treats here and there. We’ll then spend the rest of the week having adventures to see family and spending lazy afternoons together baking, crafting and watching children’s tv and films! I cannot wait and I’m pretty sure Olly is looking forward to it too!

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