Getting organised for our new arrival


At 22 weeks pregnant, I’m just over half way through my second pregnancy. Our baby boy is due early January 2018 and we’ve already started making plans and getting organised for his arrival. It may seem a little early but with Olly settling into Reception at school, various weekend plans throughout Autumn and then all the Christmas planning and prep on the horizon, I realised that time would soon slip through my fingers and his due date would be soon here.

Getting our home organised

We live in a two bedroom terraced house with space at a premium. During the summer holidays, we had a massive declutter of the house, getting up into the loft to sort out the forgotten rubbish we’d stored up there and to discover what baby stuff we could re-use from when Olly was little. We have kept pretty much all of Olly’s baby clothes and bedding so we can re-use most of those. It’s amazing how well baby clothes keep, after all babies aren’t really in them long enough to wear them out. I sorted out seven big bags full of clothes into various months/years and kept out the newborn-three months clothes to wash and put away ready in December.

Reusing bigger items

Knowing that we wanted a baby brother or sister for Olly in the future, once Olly had grown out of them, we kept his cotbed, highchair, car seats and pushchair up in the loft too. They’re all still in really good condition and will come in useful in the new year. We passed on various other baby bits and pieces on to family to use for their children so if we need them again we can re-buy them but all the pricier items are safely stored away ready to use.

Baby boy will be in our bedroom with us for his first year and then will probably share with his big brother. Olly moved into his own bedroom at three months old as Shilts was suffering terribly with sleep apnoea when Olly was a newborn and his snoring was hugely disturbing for both Olly and I. Thankfully, Shilts now sleeps with a CPAP machine and gets a brilliant nights sleep so baby boy will be in with us sleeping in his Knuma Huddle crib. We’ll be reviewing the Huddle in the new year and I’m so excited to use it. There wasn’t anything on the market like this when Olly was born so I can’t wait to see baby boy sleeping next to me in it.

Knuma Huddle

We’ve had to move our furniture around to accommodate baby boys crib in our bedroom. I’ve had to give up all my drawer units and relocated all my clothes to my wardrobe but I know it’s only temporary and small changes are most definitely worth it for our little man.

Planning maternity leave

I’ve spoken to my workplace about my maternity leave and I’ve discussed when I’d like it to start. Thankfully I’ve got annual leave to use before I take my maternity leave so will be finishing work at the end of November. It will be so good to use December for nesting, catching up on sleep and last minute Christmas prep whilst Olly’s at school. It will also be lovely not to worry about driving to work and back in the dark!

First Trimester / Getting organised

I’ve also changed my car and got a slightly bigger one for family adventures. I love being able to get in my car and drive myself places and next year, baby boy and I will be doing just that. I needed a car with a sat nav and a big boot and thankfully my lovely new car is ideal.

Making savings in the sales

I’ve been taking advantage of the supermarket baby events and sales recently too stocking up on wipes, nappies and other baby essentials hopefully stockpiling the essentials ahead of January. I’ve started stocking up some bits for my hospital bag too spreading the cost and making saving where we can.

I’ve been buying baby boy some new items of clothing in the sales too. As much as he’ll be sharing his big brother’s decent cast offs it’s nice to get him his own few new outfits to wear. I am a huge fan of sleep suits for babies so will be dressing baby boy in snuggling cosy sleep suits perfect for winter.

There’s only 17 weeks to go until our due date, four paydays and a big family Christmas to plan for. It’s all coming together nicely!

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox Blog (@PlutoniumSox) 14/09/2017 at 12:37 pm

    Oh I’m glad things are coming together nicely. It sounds like you’ve got it all planned out and I’m glad to hear you’re starting your maternity leave nice and early, it’s tough in the Winter months dragging yourself to work when you’re not feeling great with pregnancy.

  • Reply Lisa 21/09/2017 at 7:17 am

    Gosh what wonderful news what an exciting time and my how forward thinking and well planned you are. So happy to hear baby 2 is on the way.

    • Reply Emma 22/09/2017 at 8:44 pm

      Thank you so much Lisa x

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