Spending a Mummy and Olly-day together


I don’t work Fridays and prior to Olly starting pre-school, our Fridays together would be my absolute favourite day of the week. It had the promise of a lazy lie in, a day to get all the little bits and bobs done, appointments scheduled and a day to spend quality time with my favourite three year old. The prospect of another couple of days (hello weekend) to spend with Olly and his Daddy is also a bonus but by far, Fridays were my favourite day of the week.

A couple of Fridays ago, to make the most of our last full weekday together, we headed to Drayton Manor Park to enjoy the sunshine and to make the most of our Season Pass. A chance to get around the park without the crowds and for Olly to decide what to do and what to see.

Thomas Land

To my surprise, the park was quite busy with lots of families with young children enjoying the sunshine and dry weather. Drayton Manor Park is probably one of Olly’s most favourite places as it’s home to Thomas Land. He just adores Thomas and all his friends so what better place for a train obsessed three year old to enjoy rides and attractions.

Thomas Land

We managed to get on lots of Olly’s favourite rides; you can read all about his top ten favourite things to do here and by lunchtime, we had seen most of Thomas Land (with the queues only being ten families deep at the most which was brilliant as we all know how patient three year olds can be, ha!) To be fair, he was really well behaved and was fairly patient, some of the rides he didn’t want to go on so we just stood and watched them instead.

Thomas Land

After lunch, we opted for a ride on Rosie up to the other side of the park and Olly enjoyed looking at the trains in the model village. He loves watching the trains go around on the track. It was so lovely to see his little face light up and get so excited about seeing a train come through the tunnel.

Thomas Land

Olly wanted to play on the playground so we walked around the corner to the playground and Olly was so brave, he climbed up the wobbly bridge and carefully stepped across it. This was huge as he hasn’t done that before. I was watching him take those steps into the unknown across the wobbly bridge and he was so delighted when he got to the other side knowing that he had done it all by himself. Proud Mummy moment right there!

Thomas Land

We had a quick wander around the Dino Trail as Olly loves to look at the dinosaurs and pretend he’s one of their friends making dinosaur noises and stomping around the trail.

Dino Trail Thomas Land

Dino Trail

Dino Trail

We decided to walk back through the zoo and we spotted the Chimpanzee Toto for the first time. We hadn’t seen him before and it was so lovely to see him looking so chilled out.

Toto Chimpanzee Drayton Manor Park

We also spotted one of the Sumatran Tigers resting in his pen. I read that the tigers moves more at night when the crowds aren’t in the park so its understandable why they’re hiding away during the day.

Sumatran Tiger Drayton Manor Park

 We had a wonderful day out together and I loved spending some time with my little boy. He reminds me all the time that he’s not so little anymore but of course, he’s still my baby.


Thomas Land DMP

My eyes may have leaked a little when we walked back into Thomas Land for one last look and he spotted Thomas pulling into the station. He ran over to the fence and started waving at the train. How adorable is that? So cute!

Donuts DMP

We finished our day off at Drayton Manor with a ride on the Polperro Express which is one of Olly’s favourite rides. We had the ride practically to ourselves so Olly chose to sit at the front of the train carriages and we had prime views across the park.


We were so lucky with the weather as it was dry for the majority of the day. It rained a little towards the end but it didn’t spoil our time in the park. We had such a wonderful day together and it’s one I will cherish forever. I love spending time with my boy, I wish I could do it more often.

We did a little vlog during our day out too, you can watch it here..

We have Season Passes for Drayton Manor as part of the Blogger Ambassador Scheme. I wasn’t asked to publish this blog post but wanted to record it as we had such a wonderful day together and I love some of the photographs.

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