Meal Planning Monday w/b 10th November 2014


mpm 10.11.2014

Another week is here, another Meal Planning Monday post.

This week we’ve tried to be as clever with the recipes as we can as we have spent most of our monthly food budget a bit too early so now we’re tightening the belts and seeing what we can make with the ingredients that we’ve already got in. We’re raiding the cupboards, digging out the freezer stores and using up foods to save ourselves some money we don’t have.


How fab is this little chalk board I bought with some birthday money from M&S?
I love it and we’re using it for our meal planning this week. 

This is what we’ve got planned for this week’s evening meals;

Bonfire night cheddar topped sausage and mash pie
Slow Cooker Beef Stew
Slow Cooker Jacket Potatoes topped with chilli
Sausage, sweet potato and butternut squash stew
Lemon and Herb Chicken with savoury rice and oven roasted vegetables
Chicken Curry with basmati rice
Chilli Con Carne 

We’ve got some food in the freezer that we’re going to dig out and I am loving slow cooker Jacket Potatoes at the moment, so easy to do.

slow cooker jacket potatoes


  • Wash and cut a deep cross into the top of a jacket potato
  • Wrap in foil
  • Place in the slow cooker on medium for 7 hours
  • Cover the slow cooker with the lid
  • Come home and enjoy soft fluffy jacket potatoes

Singing Swede

Another tip I’ve picked up this week is singing swede, no not Abba (ha!) the harsh looking vegetable that is a pain to peel and chop.


  • Wash the swede
  • Place the swede on a microwavable plate
  • Don’t do anything else to it – don’t worry it won’t explode
  • Turn the microwave on high for 25 minutes
  • Turn the swede after 12 minutes
  • Continue to cook
  • Once pinged, cut the top off – be careful it’s very hot
  • Scoop out the soft, fluffy swede from the middle and enjoy

This week I’ve made some vegetable broth for my lunches but I had a portion for lunch today at work and I wasn’t that impressed. I’m not doing too well with soups at the moment so will stick to my chicken salads packed with superfree foods for lunch at work.

What are you eating this week? Do you make soup? If you’ve got a fail proof fat free soup recipe, leave me your links please!
I’m linking up with Mrs M’s Meal Planning Monday

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