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    18 things for 2018

    Welcome 2018

    Happy New Year! To kick off the new year, I wanted to document some goals that I’m going to work on throughout the year. They’re both personal and work / blog related and I always think if I write them down, they’re more permanent than a fleeting idea in my head. I’ve been tagged by Cat of Rock and Roll Pussycat in her 18 things for 2018 post which is a great way to kick off the new year.  Read more

  • Facing a Christmas without Mikey


    On Friday, as Olly and I were sorting through the Christmas decorations we came across Mikey’s stocking. It was amongst all…

  • Broody for bumps and babies..

    Definitely not an announcement, nope nothing here to announce except that I’m broody. So broody that seeing a newborn baby…

  • A letter to my younger self..

    Dear Emma, At just 17 years old, you won’t realise this yet but your future is bright. It’s colourful, full…

  • The cost of running a home

    *This post is in association with the Money Advice Service We’ve been living in our current home for the past…

  • It’s Mums’ Choice..

    When I first became pregnant with Little Mr, I remember trawling the internet for reviews on the lots of different…