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As a family, we have been known to enjoy summer sunshine holidays or staycations in the UK. However, one of the holidays we have on our ultimate bucket list is to enjoy a winter cabin holiday in Lapland. When you think of Lapland, you may associate it with the big man in red and Christmas time but there’s so much more to explore, see and do. Here’s 5 reasons why a winter cabin holiday in Lapland should be on your bucket list too.

Cosy home from home accommodation

With the family in tow on a holiday, it can be tricky to make sure you all get the space you need to enjoy yourselves. Holidaying in a log cabins in the Lapland snow is a great way to enjoy all the luxury hotel facilities you’d crave from a holiday but also with the space to relax and enjoy a cosy home from home environment away from the main hotel building. Many winter log cabins are a great base for families as well as being convenient and practical for the needs of a modern family; kitchenettes with fridges and microwaves makes travelling with children a whole lot easier.

Enjoy the snow activities

For a lot of us here in the UK, snow is a very rare thing and we might revel in it when we see the white stuff coming down and it’s not going to disrupt our travel plans. In Finland, their snowy season begins in November and continues well into April and May. Therefore, there’s always an abundance of snow activities to enjoy. Do you fancy hopping on a snowmobile and enjoying the thrill ride? Perhaps putting on some snowshoes and going for a walk or even hiring some cross country skis and seeing the sights. A popular activity for families is to go on a husky sled ride, something you probably wouldn’t be able to do in the UK

See the Northern Lights

winter cabin holidays northern lights

A natural phenomena, the Northern Lights are a magnificent sight. The Aurora Borealis are caused by particles from the sun’s solar flares reacting with the earth’s magnetic field and they produce a swirl of the most spectacular and impressive sights. Usually found in the skies above the Article Circle, the northern lights are a must-see experience. To enhance the experience, children can be told tales of the Firefox with his sweeping tail and the Bridget to ancient ancestors. Whilst the vision of the lights are never guaranteed, they’re sure to excite and delight the whole family.

Have a reindeer experience

Reindeer are Lapland’s most well known animals. Herded for centuries by the indigenous Sámi population, they are hard working and gentle in nature. On a winter holiday, you could visit them in their natural habitat, enjoy a sleigh ride across snowy fields and through the forest, they’re sure to add to the memories of a wonderful family holiday.

Visit Father Christmas

No trip to Lapland would be complete without a husky ride to visit Father Christmas. Lapland is his homeland and where his travels on Christmas Eve begin. Many resorts offer trips to Saariselka with plenty of Christmas activities too. I love the idea of taking a sleigh ride into the forest and discovering Father Christmas and his elves. What a magical trip that would be!

There’s so much more to explore and resorts offering convenient guides and instructors throughout the trip, it really would be a holiday of a lifetime. We would love to take a winter cabin holiday, what a way to enjoy the season.

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