Our Shilton Boys // September 2019

September 2019

The new school year has started and so far, Olly seems to have settled in well to Year Two. We had the back to school anxiety the night before school started and for the first couple of days he got upset in the playground as he didn’t want to leave me but since then, each morning he has gone into school really well. It’s a far cry from the little boy who used to cling to my leg in Reception.

Year Two New Term

Olly all ready for Year Two at School

Those days have gone

I remember the days when he would cry himself to sleep the night before school as he was really anxious about the day ahead. He would begrudgingly eat breakfast and begin to get upset as he put on his school uniform. Then the battle to brush his teeth without gagging and being sick followed by the reluctant walk to school. It was horrible. Such a stressful time trying to get him into school without getting him all upset and then leaving him in school as I drove to work in tears.

September 2019

I am so relieved that this year is much easier for us all. I’m sure it’s got a lot to do with him being a big brother and he’s matured quite a bit this summer that has helped. He’s happy to talk to me about his feelings if he is nervous or upset about something and we have some good conversations about school and what he can expect in class. He’s still not happy to attend any clubs or things after school and I’m not forcing him to go to them. He loves football and is interested in coding but there’s nothing on at school that he desperately wants to go too. I’m sure his time will come and I’ll encourage him but if he wants to come home straight after school so be it.

Missing him

Whilst we love routine, Freddie is undoubtedly missing his big brother around the house during the day. He’s started to walk to school in the morning and refuses to get into the pushchair. He holds Olly’s hand as he walks to school and will happily (most mornings) fist pump some of the children in Olly’s class as they line up to go into the classroom. We then wave him off from the bench and walk home hand in hand to start our day together.

Walking home from school

Those six hours when Olly is at school go so fast. They practically whizz by and before I know it, it’s time to get our shoes on and head back out the door to fetch Olly from school. Freddie’s face lights up when Olly comes out of school and will hold his hand all the way home. It’s actually really cute and I have to pinch myself that these two blonde boys are mine.

The new term is sure to whizz by at a rate of knots so I’m enjoying getting our daily routine back on track and in place. Freddie is napping for a couple of hours per day in the afternoon after lunch and that works for me as I can get some work done and tidy up. I’m encouraging the daytime naps for as long as I can!

We don’t have much planned for the next few weeks just settling back into a routine both in the mornings before school and afterwards towards bedtime. We all love a routine even if it doesn’t include an early alarm clock and a wet school run!

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  • Reply acornishmum 17/09/2019 at 6:48 pm

    Aw I am so happy for you that a lot of the school stress has gone now, I know just how awful it can make you feel having to force them to go to school when they’re upset. They’re both looking so grown up and cute :) x

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