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It’s been a month and a half since I first began my headset trial with Modius so it’s time for an update. You can read my first post introducing the Modius trial here. I’ve been asked a few questions since I started so I’ll try and answer them too. Typically, questions such as how’s the headset working? Have I lost any weight yet? Have there been any side effects? Read on to find out how I’m getting on.

How’s it going so far?

I’ve been using the Modius headset now for 8 weeks, for up to 5 days per week wearing it up to an hour at a time. The headset only allows one hours use in every 16 hours so typically you can only wear it once a day but there’s a bit more flexibility to when you can use it.

Originally when I started the trial, I was using the headset when Freddie was napping during the day. It was a time that I thought I could sit down for, perhaps watch a bit of telly and relax for an hour but it hasn’t worked out that way. Unfortunately for me, Freddie’s naps were sporadic and therefore I couldn’t guarantee the whole hour of uninterrupted time. It’s recommended that you sit down for the time when using Modius as it can make you feel like you’re swaying so it’s not ideal to use when you’re supervising children!  Over the last 4 weeks, I’ve swapped to using the headset before bed. I’ve been working from my soft office, (i.e my bed) a lot more whilst the boys drift off to sleep of an evening and I’ve been using the headset then.


I’ve mostly been using the headset for an hour each day during the week with a break at weekends. My main reason for this is having plans. I’ve been to see Olly Murs in concert twice, we’ve had family birthday celebrations and other evenings out which have meant I’ve not been able to fit a session in.

What does it feel like?

When I have sat down and used the headset, I’ve been able to work up to Level 6 which I’m finding okay. It’s a very odd sensation when you first connect the electrodes and start the session as I can instantly feel the pulsing behind my ears and I do feel a little out of sorts. This usually calms down after five minutes and I’m able to watch the television or answer my emails whilst I’ve got the headset on. I did try and pop to the toilet with the headset on last week but lost my balance and nearly fell down the stairs so it’s definitely something to wear whilst sitting down. In hindsight, I should have paused the session and returned to it but I didn’t think of that! D’oh!

Modius TML

Have you lost any weight?

Yes. Since I’ve started the trial I’ve lost about 5lb in 8 weeks. I’ve been quite happy with this as although I have a lot more weight to lose, I’m not interested in losing it quickly for it to go back on again in the future.

Has it reduced your cravings?

Yes. I’ve found my cravings have reduced and I’m not as greedy as I once was. Once I’ve had my main meals, I’m not snacking as much. However, I’m not drinking as much as I should be and think if I make more of a habit to drink more water, this will help with the weightloss too. Having said that, I could still eat a chocolate bar if I was given one but I’ve stopped buying them when I’ve been out and about as I just don’t fancy eating them.

Are you sleeping better?

Aside from the weightloss, I’ve found that the headset has helped me sleep better. I’m using the headset of an evening just before going to bed and in the last three weeks, I’ve been sleeping so well that I’ve started to have dreams again. I haven’t had dreams in such a long time, mainly because I’ve been sleep deprived (thanks to my wonderful children) but in the last few weeks, I’ve had such vibrant and entertaining dreams, I’ve been able to recall them the morning after. Of course, this combined with the fact my youngest is sleeping much better is making me a much happier person and I’m not feeling so tired or cranky the next day.

Meeting Dr Jason and the Modius team


Last weekend whilst I was at the This Morning Live event in Birmingham, I got the chance to meet up with Dr Jason McKeown and the rest of the Modius team. It was brilliant to meet with him and report back on how I was getting on with the headset so far. I told him about feeling fuller quicker and that I’ve changed the times of when I’ve worn the headset and how it’s helping me sleep better.  It was great to hear some of the science behind it all and Dr Jason reassured me that all the sleep and vivid dreams I’m having recently are a very good sign that the headset is stimulating the correct part of my brain!

The next four weeks

I’ve got another four weeks to trial the headset and I’m looking forward to seeing more results. I’m hoping that not only my sleep has continued to improve but my reduction in cravings have too. Now I know what to expect when increasing the levels of the headset, I’m going to attempt to comfortably increase them and see how I get on. The headset levels go up to 10 (I’m currently on Level 6) and I can wear the headset for up to an hour and feel okay once I’m used to the slight dizzy feeling. I’m hopeful this will be the case with the higher levels too.

If you want to try out Modius too, use the code Emma15 to get a 15% off discount if you want to purchase the headset. Rest assured, Modius offer a 90 day guarantee, so if you want to try it too and you don’t like it, you can receive a full refund if you return it within 90 days of purchase.

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 29/05/2019 at 9:46 pm

    Ooh I’m a bit jealous of your trip to TM live and meeting the Modius team, how amazing is that? I have to say, you are looking absolutely fabulous as well. I’m so glad it’s going well for you.

  • Reply Jen Walshaw 10/06/2019 at 2:48 pm

    Wow, it is interesting to see that it has changed your sleep habits. I wish it would mine!

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