Our Shilton boys // March 2019

Boys on the beach February 2019

Since the last Siblings post, our boys have enjoyed a lovely break away to Cornwall and had the chance to roam about on the very windy but beautifully sunny Watergate Bay beach with their wellies on, picking up shells and finding beach treasure. It was a lovely yet exhausting break but that’s life with a toddler in tow.

I’ve already posted the photograph above once before this month but I love it and to be honest, I’ve tried to get others yet my boys (specifically Freddie) were having none of it.

Boys on the beach February 2019

Freddie is becoming increasingly aware of what Olly is getting up to and he wants to be involved. He wants to explore and see for himself what is happening. Freddie has loved toddling off and exploring around, he’s very inquisitive and rather fearless which is completely frightening after having a very tame little boy previously. Perhaps that’s what happens when you have an older brother, you’ve got someone to look out for you and you love following in their footsteps.

We’ve been making plans this month to move Freddie out of our bedroom into his big brothers bedroom. We live in a two bedroomed terrace so space is at a premium but Freddie’s sleeping has been awful since just before Christmas so we need to do something. He goes to bed really well and sleeps for a good five or six hours, then he wakes up and refuses to lie back down in bed. We’ve had stand offs (or maybe scream offs would be more apt) and in a bid to get any sleep, he ends up next to me in bed and he falls asleep. It’s really needs must at the moment, I need sleep and that’s the only way I can get some. I have to remember though, it’s not going to be forever. It shall pass. It’s a phase and he’ll sleep eventually, just like his big brother did. Deja vu anyone?

Blue bath water

Despite the difficulties of Freddie not sleeping, the boys have had a great month sharing moments together. They both love a bath (although not the hair washing!) and often share a bath as part of their bedtime routine. Olly loves a bath bomb and is currently working his way through a box I bought him for Christmas. He loves the ones that turn the bath water a bright colour and Freddie is always intrigued to see what is going on. They can be very cute together sometimes.

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  • Reply Boo Roo and Tigger Too 17/03/2019 at 9:23 pm

    So lovely to hear about their relationship… I hope the bedroom move means more sleep for you and Freddie

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