Wellies at Watergate Bay


Over the half term break we escaped the Midlands and went to spend a few days down on the Cornish coast. We were invited to Sands Resort hotel for a press trip and it was such a lovely place to stay for a few days. Now Freddie is much more independent and walking everywhere he can, we thought it would be lovely to take the wellies along and let him explore the beach.

Our favourite beach in Cornwall is Watergate Bay. It’s a couple of miles north of Newquay and is home to the very trendy (and totally out of our price range) Watergate Bay hotel, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurant and The Beach Hut which was a hidden treasure we found four years ago. We couldn’t wait to go back and let Olly run free on the beach, build a few sandcastles and get his feet wet in the sea.

Freddie beach

We took the wellies as it was February and cold, Freddie wore his on the sand and initially was a bit wary of it as it was all very new to him. Once he had got the hang of pulling his feet up and walking with heavier footwear on he was well away. It was lovely to see him walk behind Olly as if to chase him and want to join in with the beach games. Olly took off his socks and his trainers and ran bare foot across the beach. He absolutely loved it.

Boy Beach Toddler Wellies

Beach Watergate Bay

On our last day we went back to the beach for more fresh air. Freddie got upset as the sand was much wetter than it had been previously and he found it much harder to walk on. He was so upset!

Toddler upset

There’s something so special about coming to the beach. I guess it’s because we don’t see it as often as we’d like. I love the freedom that it gives my children. A free space for them to explore, there’s always something different to see and experience. Olly wanted water from the sea for his sand castles but got more than he bargained for when the waves caught up with him.

Watergate Bay Beach Cornwall

Building sandcastles

Rockpooling on the beach

The Beach Hut at Watergate Bay is a popular bistro with views across the bay. Four years ago you could walk in off the beach and get a seat but these days it seems a lot more popular and getting a table (especially during the school holidays) is impossible. We booked a table for our last day in Cornwall and we had lunch there. The food was expensive but delicious and we all enjoyed it. The best treat for me was their Extreme Hot Chocolate. It was incredible!

hot chocolate cream chocolate buttons

We hope to go back to Cornwall when it gets a bit warmer, we would all like to walk barefoot on the beach in our t-shirts this summer and get our fill of the fresh sea breeze in our lungs! It’s definitely my happy place where stresses of normal everyday life seem insignificant against the backdrop of the huge waves and mighty cliffs.

Watergate Bay

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  • Reply Donna 08/03/2019 at 10:10 pm

    Oh Watergate Bay is just so beautiful – and your photos are so lovely. Your trip feels like ages ago already, where is the time going?! x

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