The Disneyland Paris Diaries // Day Two – August 2018

Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris

We knew that our time at Disneyland Paris would be brief so we didn’t rush and cram in everything to the point of total exhaustion. We took our time and spent a relaxed couple of days in the parks seeing some of the characters and enjoying the rides. You can read all about getting there and Day One here

For more information about the boys matching tops click here

Day Two at Disneyland Paris in Walt Disney Studios

We decided to head straight back to Walt Disney Studios on our second day as this is somewhere Olly enjoys and the rides are more suitable (in my opinion) for younger children. Shilts and Olly went off to enjoy the Studio Tram Tours whilst I had a walk around with a snoozing Freddie in the pushchair.

Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris

I downloaded the Lineberty app which allows you to book a slot for some of the Meet and Greets with the characters. You don’t need to book for all the characters just selected ones throughout both of the parks. We found the app to be very popular indeed and for me it was pure chance that I managed to log on and see that the Mickey and Friends Meet and Greet slots were available so I snapped one up. You can only book one Meet and Greet at a time so my advice would be to snap up another time slot for another character on another phone if you’re with someone who can download the app.


We walked around the Studios and Shilts and Olly posed for photographs with the Singing in the Rain lamp post. Olly made us laugh and asked if it was ‘dancing in the wind’ bless him!

Singing in the rain Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris

The boys then went in to the Moteurs Stunt Show whilst Freddie and I had another walk around exploring the sights and looking at the Marvels figures on show.

Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris

Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris

Olly and I queued up for the Ratatouille ride which was brilliant and very clever! Shilts then went on the ride with Olly using the Baby Switch service which again is fantastic.

We then decided to have something to eat and Olly enjoyed a muffin whilst Shilts and I had something cheesy and very heartburn inducing from the French inspired food festival huts.

Mickey Mouse Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris

Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris

Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris

It was soon time to meet Mickey and we shared our ticket number with a cast member and queued up to meet Mickey. He was so lovely and had photographs with us all. Olly loved meeting him and it really does make the difference I think meeting the characters. It just adds to the magic.

Woody Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris

We then cheekily got to meet Woody who was just finishing his Meet and Greet (we sadly didn’t get a time slot to meet him on the Lineberty app) but he was happy to have his photograph taken with the boys and it made their day!

Walt Disney Studios at Disneyland Paris

We then went to explore the Toy Story themed area of WDS and loved it. It’s full of characters from Toy Story and we loved the Slinky Dog ZigZag Ride which you can see some footage of us on here.

We used the Baby Switch service again and Olly got to enjoy the ride twice. None of us were brave enough to enjoy the Parachute Drop ride so maybe Freddie  will be brave enough in a few years time!

Rainforest Cafe

We decided to head out of the park for some dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. We didn’t need to book and we didn’t need to wait much either which was good. Whilst the interior decor is brilliant to look at, in my opinion the food is ridiculously expensive and nothing special. We had 3 meals; 2 adult meals from the main menu and a Childrens meal with drinks each and the bill came to €80. You’re definitely paying for the atmosphere and the surroundings rather than the food. The service was good though as the waiter was helpful and friendly.

We headed back to the hotel after dinner as we all needed a good nights sleep. With a full day of travelling ahead of us we needed some down time and a bit of a rest. There was so much we missed out on this time around and I would love to go back and explore some more. You could spend days at Disneyland Paris and still miss something, there’s loads to do, look at and enjoy.

Mickey Mouse

We all had a wonderful couple of days and really loved it. I am already hassling Shilts to book up to go again soon and would love to go over Christmas to enjoy the festive decorations and shows.

Disney you will have my heart forever!

You can read all about our stay at Vienna House Dream Castle hotel here and Shilts has written about the planning he did to get us to France in one piece in the car here.

We paid for our trip to Disney ourselves and it cost us roughly £1200 for the hotel, travel and park entry tickets. On top of that we spent around £400 on food and souvenirs! It IS expensive but in my opinion it’s worth every penny. Look out for my top tips post coming soon!

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