Our Shilton Boys // September 2018

Brothers cuddles siblings

The last month has been a really lovely month for our Shilton boys. They’ve been able to spend lots of time together which both of them have loved and it’s been so good to see them play with each other and interact with each other more. It did mean however that Freddie really missed Olly as he went back to school and I think Olly missed his little brother too! 

Late in August I planned a very last minute trip to Disneyland Paris. It was a whirlwind booking but one that I am so pleased we made. We had the most amazing time. Olly loved it, Freddie loved the music, the characters and the atmosphere was just fantastic. It also gave me the chance to get my boys together in their matching Mickey Mouse clothing and oh did they look cute!
I bought matching t-shirts as I thought they would be much cheaper than the t-shirts you can buy in Disneyland itself. I also bought them ahead of the trip so that we could guarantee getting the same top in two different sizes! I also bought matching Mickey Mouse jumpers* from Next but it wasn’t cold enough for the boys to wear them when we were in Disneyland.
These Mickey Mouse t-shirts were from Next*
Boys in Disney
When Olly went back to school in early September, Freddie really missed him. He was very aware that he wasn’t in the house and his reaction when he got home was one of the best moments of seeing them together. Olly went up into our bedroom to see Freddie who had just woken up from his nap. Olly asked for a cuddle on the bed so I gave him his baby brother to hold and Freddie’s reaction was priceless. He leaned in for a cuddle and his face was just adorable. Obviously with camera in hand (as always) I took some photographs and managed to capture the best moment I’ve seen from my boys to date. Look at the happiness on their faces.
Shilton boys September big brother cuddles
What a lucky lucky Mama I am!
I’m really enjoying recording these moments between my boys. Watching them grow up together and learn more about each other. Watching Olly become the best big brother has been (on the whole) wonderful and I’m so pleased (and rather emotional) that we could give him a sibling, a baby brother to love and grow up with. He’s probably the best gift we could have ever given him.
My Boys graphic Daydreams and Icecreams
The Siblings Project - Dear Beautiful

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