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Clearabee rubbish removals

As the owners of our home for almost 15 years, there aren’t many rooms of our modest little terraced house that we haven’t decorated or renovated over the years. One room has however stayed pretty much untouched from the day we bought the house, and that is our tiny little outhouse. Over the years, it has been used for storage of a combination of garden furniture, household tools, paints and creosote, and most recently has become a general dumping ground as our family has started to grow. With big plans afoot, but a sizeable horde of rubbish to shift, it was with delight that we discovered Clearabee.

Clearabee rubbish removals

Who are Clearabee?

Clearabee are a nationwide rubbish removal company, and they specialise in a variety of services for both home and business. We were particularly drawn towards their ‘Man and van’ service; as busy working parents of young children, the task of clearing a room, even the size of our modest outhouse, is not an easy one.  The fact that the service included all labour as well as removal was a real plus point for us.

Clearabee rubbish removals

BEFORE: So much rubbish!

No driveway for a skip

The other additional aspect of where we live is that our house does not have a driveway, so hiring a skip is problematic on a number of counts; lack of space in our road, additional expense of a permit to have a skip on the road, and also the prospect of having to cart the rubbish through the house.  It is easy to see why we have put off the clearance!  However, Clearabee also cater for people in our situation who want to take their time over a clearance project and offer their Beebags service.  They can post out Beebags in various sizes, a customer would then fill them at their leisure, and then Clearabee would then come and remove the bags on a prearranged day.  Perfect for people like us who have difficulty hiring a skip!

Clearabee rubbish removals

Just a dumping ground for when we got round to sorting it out!

We have big plans for the outhouse.  As both me and my husband do a lot of work in our house, we have often longed for a little area that can be used for just business activity.  The outhouse we hope will soon become the home office – in doing so, we will create some much-needed extra storage space and work space, with the added effect of hopefully adding some resale value to our property.

The Man and Van Service

Having booked the man & van service, the day that we had booked came along.  We received an email confirmation the evening before the clearance to let us know that Clearabee were coming, and then a text message with the registration number of the van about half an hour prior to their arrival.  This was great, as it enabled us to ensure that everything was ready for a prompt start.

The men and van arrived just as they said they would, and we were immediately greeted by a friendly couple of chaps, Alex and Carl.  Once the van had been parked up in the road behind our house, Alex and Carl quickly came in through the back gate of our garden and assessed the situation.  It didn’t take them long to get started, and the two of them started clearing the room with speed and efficiency.

The room contained a variety of accumulated rubbish, and nothing was too much trouble for the Clearabee team.  They emptied all of the rubbish in rapid time and used their Beebags to easily shift the rubbish from the room to their van.  They made sure that they checked everything with me before it went on the van, and they even disposed of our very old chest freezer, which was something that I was concerned about shifting.

Clearabee rubbish removals

Alex and Carl certainly didn’t mind getting their hands dirty.  They worked really hard, and in the space of just over an hour had completely emptied the outhouse.  They even took down some old cupboards on the wall, swept out the room at the end, and also swept down the garden.  As rubbish removals go, we were blown away by how neat, tidy and professional the chaps were.  They were also very friendly, even giving us the benefit of their thoughts about how we could possibly reconfigure the outhouse once we get started.

Clearabee rubbish removals

Clearance in progress, even the dodgy cupboards went!

The whole room was packed into the Clearabee van, and off they went to dispose of our rubbish.  We even received a notification to say that our rubbish had been disposed of responsibly.  This is peace of mind indeed, and with a reputable firm such as Clearabee you can be rest assured that your rubbish won’t be fly tipped.  Indeed, the company pride itself on not just recycling, but also upcycling as much of the waste as possible, meaning that local charity shops and organisations may benefit from the clearance.  This was a really important selling point for us.

Clearabee rubbish removals

The result?  We now have our blank canvas room to work with.  For the first time since 2004, we have an empty outhouse, and plans are now firmly underway to get the repairs and renovations started later this year.  Without our Clearabee clearance , there is no doubt that this project would have stayed a pipe dream, maybe never to be even started.  Instead, we can now start to get our plans drawn up and maybe this time next year we will have a sparkly new home office!

Clearabee rubbish removals

AFTER: Our very wet but empty outhouse

You can find out more and book your own rubbish removal at www.clearabee.co.uk

Disclosure: We were provided with a Man with a Van clearance service for the purpose of this review. All words and images are my own. 

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  • Reply Kim Carberry 11/04/2018 at 8:15 pm

    What a fantastic service. There are times when I could do with something like this especially in the run up to Christmas when I have a big clear out. My fella and I don’t drive so getting to the tip is hard. Something like this would be so helpful. x

  • Reply We're going on an adventure 16/04/2018 at 8:08 pm

    Oh wow! I thought they just sent out bags and collected them – I can’t believe they cleared the lot for you! What an amazing service. (And I have major envy on the home office front, I can’t wait to see what you do!)
    Thanks for sharing your review on #TriedTested this week x

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