What’s in my hospital bag?

Hospital Bag

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At nearly 35 weeks pregnant and the prospect of an early arrival over the Christmas holidays (please stay put little man) it’s definitely time to finish off packing my hospital bag. That’s the thing with little ones, you never really know when they’ll make their big entrance into the world so you need to be ready well in advance of their due date. Throw Christmas into the mix as well and time will literally disappear and before we know it, I’ll be holding our tiny newborn in my arms. 

Hospital Bag

What’s in our hospital bags?

Confession time, I have two hospital bags; one for me and one for baby boy. We don’t travel light unfortunately and with the prospect of an overnight stay or two in hospital, I want to make sure we have everything we need to be as comfortable as possible (and also so I don’t need to send my husband out on a mercy mission to buy extra nappies / wipes / scratch mitts etc).

I’ve previously written a list of what items I need for my hospital bag so have been using this as a reference to collate everything together and so I can tick everything off as I pack it so I don’t forget anything. The pressure to make sure it’s a well stocked bag is well and truly on!

What I’ve packed for baby

As we’ll probably be in hospital for a couple of days, we need to make sure baby boy has plenty of clothes. I’ve packed grab and go bags so that my husband can quickly reach into the bag and pull out the essentials. These grab and go bags include a vest, a nappy and a sleepsuit. I’ve pre-washed all his clothes so everything is fresh and ready for him to wear.

Hospital Bag Baby

Most of baby boys clothing is from The Essential One (not just because I’m a very proud ambassador for the brand) but I adore their clothing and have taken advantage of their recent sales to stock up on quality clothing that I know will wash well and look adorable! I bought packs of vests and sleep suits in a range of designs and also a range of sizes (but have only included first size in my hospital bag).

My top picks are the unisex starter packs from their new collection ‘My First Wardrobe’ which is ideal for any newborn. As we know the sex of our baby boy, we have mainly bought the grey and white sets as I just adore seeing newborns in whites, creams and soft grey colours. The starter packs include hats too which is great as newborns should always wear a little hat during their first few days to help regulate their temperature.

The Essential One

Also in the bag, I have included some muslins, half a packet of nappies, wipes, nappy bags, some ready mixed formula just in case breastfeeding doesn’t go well, a box of newborn dummies, a blanket and a snowsuit. I adore the snowsuits that The Essential One have this season, they’re so snuggly and are really stylish. We have the Khaki Fur Trimmed Snowsuit ready for him to wear as we know later this month and in January it’s going to be very cold and he needs to be as snuggly as possible!

The Essential One

What I’ve packed for me

For my hospital bag, I have packed a pair of really comfortable maternity pyjamas, an oversized night dress, 4 x large pants, socks, toiletries, leggings and a t-shirt, maternity pads and a bag of small essentials; phone charger and cable, lip balm, hair bobble, hair brush etc).

When I was in hospital with Olly, nearly five years ago, I packed far too much stuff and ended up having rifle through the bag to find specific things and then my husband had to cart it all back to the car plus our new baby in his car seat. Less is definitely more on this occasion even if you don’t travel light!

When did you pack your hospital bag? Did you pack it well in advance of your baby arriving? Would you include anything else in your hospital bag?

Disclosure: I’m a proud The Essential One ambassador. All words and images are my own 

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  • Reply Claire yarnall 08/12/2017 at 8:11 pm

    Oh emma this is brilliant, I definitely need to take your advice cause I packed way too much with poppy and missed things that I wish I’d packed but didn’t xx

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