Pregnancy update // Week 30

Window to the Womb Baby Boy 2017

I’m 30 weeks pregnant already, although closer to 31 weeks as I write this, blimey! I haven’t written weekly updates during this pregnancy as time hasn’t been on my side. It’s not that I haven’t wanted to but with work, blog / freelance work, home and family life there’s not been much time for much else. 

Window to the Womb Baby Boy 2017

Yesterday I went to hospital for my 30 week growth scan and review with my consultant. During my 28 week scan, baby boy was measuring small (on the 10th percentile) so they were concerned. Thankfully, over the last couple of weeks he’s grown and put some weight on so they are pleased with his progress. Unfortunately, the consultant isn’t so pleased with the volume of water around him and have requested blood tests for TORCH screening which is something I hadn’t heard of before. I’m hopeful I don’t have an infection which is affecting the effectiveness of my placenta but not too sure what else it could be; I had heard it could be diabetes but my GTT test came back negative only two weeks ago so surely I can’t have developed that so quickly?

Of course, I consulted Dr Google and terrified myself so trying not to read too much into it right now and I’ll be relying on the hospital to come back to me if there’s anything I need to worry about. I’ve got another scan and review in two weeks time to check baby boy’s growth and to check the volume of my waters again. I’m pleased they’re keeping an eye on us both but if I’m honest it’s a little worrying. I know I shouldn’t worry unless there’s something specifically to worry about but it’s natural I guess. I’m nervous of the unknown.

Baby boy was lying footling breech (head up by my ribs) during the scan and he’s been lying transverse (across my tummy) for most of the week given the movements I’ve felt. It’s such a bizarre feeling. The consultant mentioned that as I have plenty of water he’ll be swimming around for a bit so not to worry too much about his position just yet. There’s plenty of time for him to move and get head down.

At the weekend we had a 4d scan with Window to the Womb and it was incredible. Getting to see a glimpse of my baby boy inside my tummy was amazing and an experience I will never forget. He was in the perfect position for a photograph and although some of the photographs I’ve seen previously (of other peoples scans) have been quite freaky, I’m biased as I think he’s the most adorable looking baby and these next 9 weeks cannot come quick enough!

Window to the Womb HDLive 2017

Generally, I’m feeling tired and my back is giving me a bit of grief. I’ve been able to sleep a bit better with the help of all the pillows but I’m still tired by mid-afternoon and ready for a nap! I’ve only got 12 working days (in my HR day job) left before I finish work. I’ve got the whole of December off as annual leave which I cannot wait for and hope to catch up on my sleep and rest but before then I have so much to do!

I got over emotional on Monday evening as I was rushing around trying to get some jobs done. I had a splitting headache and felt quite sick with it. I keep getting Braxton Hicks too when I’m doing too much and they’re not painful but quite uncomfortable. I managed to drop Olly’s treat tin on the floor as I was debating with Olly that he couldn’t eat snacks before his dinner and ended up in tears. Totally irrational really thinking about it but thankfully, Shilts came home right at the right time and took over and told me to go and lie down. Hormones have a lot to answer for!

I’ll update more in the next couple of weeks if and when we know anymore about my waters. Hopefully baby boy will continue growing and all will be okay. Positive thinking works right?


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  • Reply farmerswifeandmummy 20/11/2017 at 3:12 am

    I’m just doing a night feed and thought I hadn’t checked in with you in a while and I can’t believe you are 31 weeks!!!! Not long to go at all. I has excess water with number 3 and it was so painful because my tummy stretched even more than usual. I think mind was called polyhydromenous and mine was due to diabetes but they monitored it and the baby was fine. It’s all so exciting and I promise I will check in more now. Lots of love xx

  • Reply Jenny Ripatti-Taylor (@letstalkmommy) 20/11/2017 at 1:24 pm

    Oh you are making me so excited for baby’s arrival can’t wait for you. Exciting times. This is such a lovely time and the 4d scan is amazing. Technology never seizes to amaze me in every way when it comes to scans and babies. thank you ever so much for linking up to Bumps & Babies #bumpsbabies

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