Our 4d baby scan experience with Window to the Womb (AD)

Window to the Womb HDLive 2017

When I was pregnant with Olly I was desperate to book a private 4D pregnancy scan. I had seen friends have similar 4d scans and was in awe of the detail that they showed; they were a glimpse into the womb, to see the largely unseen and discover the little miracle growing inside. But for one reason or another, we didn’t have one and I always wondered what we would have seen.

Second time around, I had been thinking more and more about booking a 4d scan. As this is probably going to be my last pregnancy, I imagined I would never get the chance to do this again. As a birthday treat to myself, I did a bit of research and found a local clinic that offered 4d scans. After indecisively hovering over the ‘book now’ button, I read that they were open during the weekends and you could take the family along too so I pressed enter, paid my deposit and couldn’t wait until scan day.

Window to the Womb Logo

Window to the Womb is a private baby scan clinic with locations throughout the UK. They offer private scans throughout the duration of a pregnancy from 6 weeks up to 40 weeks with reassurance scans, gender scans and 4d / HDLive scans available amongst others. I booked the well-being package with 4d scan at the Birmingham clinic for a Sunday morning and was really looking forward to it. If I’m honest, I was also a little bit nervous as to what we would see. What if there was something wrong, what if baby was facing the wrong way or in the wrong position, would it be a waste of money? I really shouldn’t have worried.

On the morning of the scan, as advised by Window to the Womb, I made sure I’d eaten a decent meal a couple of hours prior to our appointment and had already been making an effort to drink plenty of water to help keep me hydrated which also helps with the scan visibility.

We were welcomed into the clinic by the friendly staff and on arrival, I was asked to complete a registration form along with details of baby boys due date. As we waited in the waiting room, we took a look at all the incredible photographs taken of babies at various gestations in the womb, the detail was incredible!

Window to the Womb Birmingham

Within a couple of minutes, we were called into the scan room and I was asked to lie on the bed whilst Shilts and Olly took a seat on the sofas next to me. The sonographer Ramya was friendly and was accompanied by a friendly scan buddy who was chatty and engaging. We all felt really comfortable and in good hands and couldn’t wait for the scan to begin.

Ramya started off the scan with the wellbeing check. She found out where baby boy was lying and we saw his facial profile on the large TV screen. She found his heartbeat and we heard it beating away. I will never tire of hearing that precious sound, it’s one of the best sounds in the world.

Baby Boy heartbeat 2017

She switched the scan into 4d mode and within a few seconds we saw our baby boys face. It was the most magical thing I’ve ever seen. The clinic kindly offered to upgrade my appointment to the HDLive viewing experience and to see his little face in such detail was absolutely amazing.

Window to the Womb HDLive 2017

Incredible detail

Baby boy was lying breech with his head up by my rib cage and facing outwards. He looks exactly like his big brother and we are completely in love with him already. Seeing my baby boys face on screen was absolutely incredible, the detail in the scan is overwhelming and it made me cry, happy tears of course! Such a precious photograph that I’ll treasure over the next 10 weeks and beyond.

Ramya managed to capture some incredible facial shots of our baby boy before carrying out the rest of the well-being check. She took measurements of his head, his tummy and his thigh bone which is something the hospital are doing regularly and she was able to give me measurements for what he roughly weighs at 30 weeks gestation. Thankfully, it looks as though baby boy has put on some weight since my last growth scan so I’m pleased with that and it has helped reassure me that he’s doing well in there.

Baby Boy 4d HDLive Window to the Womb

The scan concluded with a check of baby boys anatomy, he’s definitely a boy as we saw between his legs in all their HDLive glory (and have photographic evidence for his 18th birthday) We also managed to get a photograph of baby boys legs which were crossed and indicative he’s already inherited the family trait (we all cross our legs!)

We were also gifted a heartbeat bear which is a recording of our baby boys heartbeat placed into a teddy of our choice. Olly chose a panda and absolutely adores it. He has said he’s going to look after it until his baby brother arrives but I doubt Olly will part with it now.

Heartbeat Bear Window to the Womb 2017

Our scan package included a range of printed photographs as well as a couple of keyrings and a copy of the scan to download via the ‘Bumpies’ app on my phone. I’m able to download the photographs too which is a brilliant keepsake.

Window to the Womb 4d HDLive

Are they worth the money?

Our experience with Window to the Womb was everything I expected and more. It was such a precious hour. To catch a glimpse of my baby boy’s face was amazing and something I will treasure forever. I was reassured that he is growing as he should and that’s all I could ask for. The whole experience was brilliant. The staff were friendly and professional, talking us through what they could see and what they were looking for next and engaging with Olly throughout the scan. I personally think they are worth the money, there’s no price on seeing that precious glimpse of your unborn child. It’s just magical.

If you’re considering getting a 4d scan to see your unborn baby, I would highly recommend booking one with Window to the Womb. It was such a wonderful experience and one that has helped me bond more with my baby boy. I’m so excited for the next ten weeks and I cannot wait to meet him.

Disclosure: I booked and paid the deposit for my appointment. We were upgraded to the HDLive package and received the heartbeat bear in exchange for sharing my experience. All words and incredible cute baby boy images are my own. 

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  • Reply Jenny Ripatti-Taylor (@letstalkmommy) 10/11/2017 at 10:42 am

    Oh I love these modern technology is so amazing. I did these with both my first two. It’s such a lovely experience saying hello from the inside out isn’t it? So excited for you. Thank you ever so much for joining in #bumpsbabies I hope you will share the first year baby milestones with me too!

  • Reply emilyandindiana 12/11/2017 at 12:25 pm

    Oh this is so lovely! We had a 4D scan with Indie and it was incredible – it looks as if the technology has already improved loads since then though. Gutted we aren’t having one this time xx

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