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As a Mummy, one of the most difficult aspects of parenting is getting your toddler to eat a healthy, balanced diet. Olly was one of the fussiest children, always refusing meals and certain foods and I would always worry about whether he had eaten enough or whether he was getting the correct nutrients he needed to be a healthy little boy.

I was recently invited to work on a project, the Toddler Sized Challenge, which is a challenge from the Infant and Toddler Forum to come up with an idea to help parents have a better understanding about what to offer their children and in what portion sizes. We all know every child is different and the ITF know this too and therefore they want your input to develop an idea into something practical that can help other parents. This idea could be an app, something you already use in the kitchen, something paper based or something completely new.

My toddler-sized challenge idea

As a busy Mum working in social media, my iPhone is always near by so I thought an app would be something that other parents could utilise.

toddler sized challenge

My idea for an app would allow parents to pull together a complete idea of what their child is eating throughout the week and would offers ideas on extra foods that could be added to their plates throughout the day to boost their food intake in line with recommended levels.

Every day, parents can login and select a meal for the day (breakfast / lunch / dinner / snacks) and then add onto the plate food from whatever food groups they’re eating from (carbohydrates / protein / dairy / fruit and vegetables). Once parents have added the meal, they would press ‘finish’ and then the app would suggest different foods from the food groups to bring the meal in line with daily recommendations for the age of the child.

At the end of the day there would be a summary to show parents what portions of food from each food group were consumed and can give suggestions about what foods and their portion sizes could be added.

There are similar apps out there to my knowledge but I don’t think they suggest ideas of food ideas and portion sizes to parents based on what has already been consumed.

I’ve put my idea forward to the challenge and I’m really looking forward to seeing all the other ideas that parents suggest.

Have an idea and want to get involved?

If you’ve got an idea that you think could help other parents, submit your idea to the Toddler-Sized Challenge and you could be in with a chance of winning a cash prize of up to £1,000.

Don’t forget the idea has to come up with an idea that will help parents know what food groups their toddlers should be eating, how much and how often.

There’s also a chance for you to win £100 Love2Shop vouchers if you vote and comment on other entries.

To get involved, head over to the Toddler Portion Sizes – Ideas Spotlight to find out more and submit your idea. Good luck!

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