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Earlier this week it was my Slimming World groups Taster Night and I took in BLT bites. Whenever there’s an awards evening, all the members bring in some food and drink and we have taster night. It’s a chance to share recipes, ideas and our favourite low syn meals with friends and new members. It’s always a great evening and so great to try new meal ideas. In fact, they’re always so good, I never come home hungry and pretty much always skip dinner that evening as I’m too full from trying everything out.

This week I wanted to take in something new but time wasn’t really on my side due to working late. I knew my friends had decided to take in Diet Coke Chicken, Crustless Quiche, Campfire Stew, and Caribbean Chicken Drumsticks. Therefore I wanted to take something in that we could eat alongside all of that. I remember seeing a photograph on social media a while back of these bitesize nibbles; BLT bites (bacon, lettuce and tomato) and knew I wanted to recreate them for myself for our taster night.

BLT Bites

How to make BLT bites

  • Wash both the tomatoes and lettuce
  • Halve the cherry tomatoes
  • Chop up inch* squares of lettuce (*or whatever size you want)
  • Grill bacon medallions until cooked and then chop into inch* squares
  • Thread onto a cocktail stick the lettuce, bacon and cherry tomatoes
  • Enjoy!

These BLT bites are so quick and simply to make and they look really cute too. Such a great idea and they went down a storm at taster night.

Tomatoes and lettuce are speed foods and of course, the lean bacon is a free food on the Slimming World Extra Easy plan. These BLT bites are completely synfree and perfect for adding to the table at parties and Slimming World taster nights.

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  • Reply Tracey Williams 03/02/2017 at 11:21 am

    OMG these look gorgeous Emma, and such a quick and easy recipe. Thanks for sharing x

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