Olly’s first parents evening


Just 6 weeks into Olly’s first term at pre-school and we were invited into school to meet his Teacher for parents evening to find out how our little man has settled in. I was really looking forward to meeting his Teacher and finding out what our little man is like behind the school gates. It’s always interesting to know how they behave when we’re not around so I was really interested to hear what she had to say.

Olly had a rough time settling in to pre-school during the first couple of weeks. He was very upset every morning as I left him in the good hands of his teachers and it was heart wrenching walking away as he pleaded with me not to leave him. Thankfully, the tears have stopped and have been replaced with smiles as he walks into school in the morning.

parents evening

We met with his Teacher and I was keen to find out what she thought of our little boy. It’s always a bit nerve-wracking asking a total stranger what she thinks of your child. Olly’s never been looked after by strangers before as we’ve always left him with family whilst we’ve been to work so leaving him with a strange Teacher who doesn’t know his quirks or his way of doing things is really odd. I have to trust them though, as many parents did with my husband when he was a Teacher.

Thankfully, we have absolutely nothing to worry about as the Teacher told us how helpful Olly is in school. She is glad he’s settled in quite quickly (there’s still children who get upset everyday) and he’s got himself into a bit of a routine to distract himself from worrying if we’re coming back for him or not. She told us how he has made lots of friends, mostly in the year above him in Reception, which we were not surprised about. He likes to talk to the older children and interact with them.

We were also told that he has been learning phonics and numeracy with the Reception children and the Teachers are keen to encourage that. Olly has been soaking all the phonics up like a sponge over the last few weeks and has already been moved up to Phase 2 phonics. What a clever sausage!

Apparently Olly takes story time quite seriously and they’re hoping to crack a smile out of him during story time sometime soon!

parents evening

Overall, apparently he’s a delight to teach and is a model pupil. I can’t tell you how proud of him I am! I was practically welling up as she told us how lovely he is in school, long may it continue! I’m so immensely proud of how he’s settled in despite the upset at the beginning, lets just hope having half term doesn’t upset the routine and his enthusiasm for school.

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 23/10/2016 at 5:17 pm

    Oh I’m glad he’s getting on so well! How lovely that he’s not getting upset when you leave him now. He sounds incredibly bright too learning phonics with the older children.

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