5 ways to make flying with children easier


5 ways to make flying with children easier

Ever since Olly was a baby, we have loved to travel. There’s something rather exciting about packing up a few belongings and leaving behind the humdrum of everyday life to go exploring. We especially love flying but realise that with small children it’s not always easy. Olly has been on 6 flights during his 3 short years so we’re building up his experience of flying and travelling by air.

Here are five tried and tested ways to make flying with children that little bit easier;

Pack a bag just for them

If you’re travelling as a family, pack a bag just for the children. Fill the bag with their favourite toys, their blanket and a jumper so you’ve got the essentials at hand during your trip. Like adults, children can find flying both exciting and daunting so having some of their belongings around them can help relax them. Familiar smells and home comforts will help them with the new experiences. We took Olly’s trunki on holiday with us recently that he had filled with his favourite books and cuddly toys and he loved having a suitcase filled with his own bits and pieces.

Take a new toy for them to play with


As well as them having their favourite toys, we’ve found that by giving Olly a new toy to play with at the airport helps with keeping him occupied. Orchard Toys have recently launched their range of mini games which is perfect to take on your travels. We were sent Dinosaur Dominoes to play with and Olly has loved them. The packaging is small enough for hand luggage and kept Olly entertained whilst waiting for the gate to open at the airport.

Book Meet and Greet airport parking

For Parents, the most stressful part of going away can be making sure the whole family get to the airport with their belongings without any added stress. Driving the family car to the airport and leaving it with a dedicated Meet and Greet service has really helped with keeping stress levels low. It’s quick, easy and often much cheaper than leaving your car at the airport whilst you’re away. We recently used the Meet and Greet service from Holiday Extras and found the whole service really reliable.

Book an airport lounge

1. Airport Lounge

My family love being at the airport. I love having a mooch around the departure lounge shops and trying a new fragrance in duty free and Olly and my husband love to sit and watch the planes whilst having a bite to eat but what we all agree on is not liking the crowds of excited holidaymakers. We recently tried the Aspire Lounge at Birmingham airport, which can be booked through Holiday Extras and really enjoyed it. We were able to relax away from the crowds, help ourselves to unlimited hot and cold drinks and snacks whilst watching the planes taxi to the runway.

Take a tablet and headphones

1. Tablet

Airplane journeys are exciting but they can also be a bit boring for little ones. We have always taken a tablet loaded with Olly’s favourite cartoons to give him another option of something to do on the plane. He can sit still and watch the tablet with his headphones on which distracts him and gives us and other passengers half an hour of calm on the plane.

I hope these tips help for your next flight with the family. Travelling with the family needn’t be stressful and whilst it might seem like you’re packing everything but the kitchen sink, it’ll help keep the children relaxed and you can enjoy your well earned holiday.

Children flying in airplane

Disclosure: We were gifted the airport lounge passes and airport parking for our recent holiday and thanks to Orchard Toys for sending us the mini games to keep Olly occupied. 

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  • Reply Plutonium Sox 01/07/2016 at 7:50 am

    Great ideas. I’ll be booking an airport lounge next time we fly. I love the new toy idea too, great to keep them occupied.

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