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In just a couple of hours, I’ll be heading to my local Slimming World group to get weighed after the Christmas break. I got weighed last Tuesday and had lost half a pound which in the grand scheme of things was pretty awesome considering the one too many little treats I had allowed myself in the last week of work. Tonight, I’m expecting a gain but one that I will take on the (double) chin and will allow me to draw a line and start a fresh in the morning with the new year to look forward to on plan.

Don’t wait until Monday / the New Year / January

If you tell yourself that you’re not going to start losing weight until Monday, or the New Year, or a certain date in January, you’re just delaying the inevitable. If you’re already a member, head on down to your class and get weighed. If you’re not a member, if you buy Woman Magazine between now (29th December) and Monday 4th January 2016 you’ll get a voucher for FREE membership at any SW group (weekly fee is £4.95)

Read your books and meal plan

One of the ways I’m getting back into my diet is to dig out all my recipe books, magazines and SW member pack and refresh myself on what foods I can enjoy on plan. I like to sit with the recipe books and plan ahead whilst shouting meal ideas to my husband. We’ve done a small food shop today for our meals for the remainder of the week and will plan again on Sunday for the first week of the new year back in work.

Be realistic

If you’re like me you’ll have had some treats over Christmas and it’s ok to have treats but on plan, you’ll need to enjoy them in moderation. Using your books and the online app, check the syns for all those bars in the selection boxes and write on them how many syns they are. You can still eat them and enjoy them within your daily syns allowance but you’ll need to exercise willpower.

It’ll take a few days for you to adjust to getting back on plan so take it a meal at a time and before you know it, a day on plan will soon be a week on plan and the weight will drop off. Remember to have at least one third of your plate full of speed foods and enjoy proteins and carbs on plan. Top yourself up with at least 2 litres of water per day to make sure you’re quenching your thirst instead of thinking you’re hungry.

Fingers crossed for this evenings weigh in and wishing you every success with getting back on track with Slimming World. You can do it!

Update I stood on the scales and I gained 8lb. YES 8 WHOLE POUNDS! My Son was born 8lb 6oz! Enough with the woe is me, I’m back on track making sensible choices and decisions about the foods I’m eating and hope to get that weight off and more in the next couple of weeks.

I can do this!

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  • Reply Mum Reinvented 29/12/2015 at 4:38 pm

    Good luck for tonight. I was just looking and your instagram pics the other day, you’ve done so well! I’ve just popped a slimming world friendly recipe into the oven actually. I seriously need to get back on track and eating healthily again, I’ve been terrible these last few years and SW always worked for me in the past.

  • Reply Kelly | To Become Mum 29/12/2015 at 5:44 pm

    Go for it hun! Today is always a good day to start anything and to be honest, it’s a relief to eat a few veggies now after all the Christmas naughties!

  • Reply Kirstie 03/01/2016 at 12:10 am

    I gained 7.5 in a week over Christmas! Although I did get to the lowest of my target to give me theextta leeway but I didn’t think I’d actually use it!!! Because I’ve lost 5stone 8 everyone tells me I’m allowed to gain at Christmas but it doesn’t mean you actually want to! But I did enjoy myself and like you I am
    Confident I will shift it in the next couple of weeks!! Well done on your 4 stone loss!!!

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