Living Arrows 2015 – Week 27


Living Arrows – Week 27

“You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth”

A weekend away in the sunshine was just what we needed. It’s getting to that time of year where the end of term is in sight but it’s just too far out of reach. We cannot wait to spend some time together in the school holidays but for now, two days away from the routine, stresses of school work and the cooking was just ideal.

We spent the weekend in the historical city of York and home to the National Railway Museum. We knew Little Mr would absolutely love to visit as he is train mad so we decided to make the museum our priority and fill the rest of the weekend with seeing the sights of the city.

We took a chance this weekend and didn’t take the pushchair with us. Little Mr is getting more and more independent and loves to walk so we decided to pack his backpack with essentials and went off on foot in search of the museum.

I love the freedom of not having a pushchair to lug around. Little Mr was more than happy to walk hand in hand with both hubby and I so we embraced it and walked around the city taking in the magnificent sights of York Minster, the City Walls and the cobbled streets steeped in history.

As soon as we got to the museum, Little Mr was in his element. He loved looking at the trains and although I’m not a train enthusiast myself, I have to admit it was a fabulous museum full of things to see, touch, discover and play with.


We particularly loved the ‘Playing Trains’ children’s space which is just brilliant. A dedicated space for little ones to play trains in, stamp their own train tickets, wear a engine drivers hat or read a book filled with adventures of steam locomotives.




The illustrations in the Playing Trains exhibition space are drawn by Samuel Usher, I just adored them. Full of character and imagination, they made the exhibition space come to life. Such a talent.


We spent just over 3 hours in the museum before heading out into the sunshine and exploring the rest of the city. We could have spent a lot longer in there but Little Mr was getting tired and his concentration began to dwindle.

If you’re ever up in North Yorkshire and fancy a day out, the National Railway Museum is free to enter (donations are welcomed) and will capture the attention of any young train enthusiast. We were really impressed and Little Mr was too!

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