A weekend off plan and a mini loss | SW update week 46


After last weeks mahoosive loss (I somehow managed to lose 4.5lb) I was keen to stay on track with my diet and had every intention of making wise choices and eating sensibly where possible. The days before BritMumsLive were spent on plan, I enjoyed more scan bran cake and sneaked a peek on the scales on Friday morning to see that the numbers were looking favourable which was great.

I decided that I would stay on plan as much as possible over the weekend and eat as sensibly as I could. I wanted to treat myself too but not go overboard as we had planned dinner out at Pizza Express and we all know how much I love a pizza!

The food at BritMumsLive was very, very tempting! Whenever there was a coffee break, there was always sweet treats on offer; think macaroons, flapjacks, cookies. All the yummy stuff full of sugar! Luckily, I had packed an apple and some strawberries to ward off the temptation.

On the Friday evening before the BiB Awards, we were treated to a glass or two of wine from sponsors, Lindemans. I’m not normally a wine drinker but really enjoyed the glass of Rose I sampled. Unfortunately for me, it went straight to my head so I did pick two or three of the canapes to help soak up the alcohol. I am such a light weight but I was hungry. Having a small M&S salad on the train doesn’t really set you up to drink any booze.

BritMumsLive food

The steak and chip canapes were amazing and devoured within seconds. The mushroom cones were vile and the pineapple canapes were plain odd.

Dinner at Pizza Express was delicious. I really enjoyed my dough balls and Pollo ad Astra Leggera pizza (the one with the salad in the middle!) I chose something that was a bit of a treat and then something that wasn’t too naughty. I ate the lot and then needed a lie down, ha!

BML Pizza Express

Day two of BritMumsLive and I knew that breakfast would be served at The Brewery. There would be pastries and all sorts of delicious stuff so I opted for a healthy SW friendly hotel breakfast of weetabix with fruit and a cup of tea!

I managed to avoid all the biscuits at the tea break and chomped on more fruit I’d bought from M&S in Birmingham which saw me through until lunchtime. The lunch at BritMumsLive is always a bit fancy and I can’t tell you what it was but there was fish, a meat option and a vegetarian option with salad and some yummy looking dessert. I opted for a vegetarian pasta with a rocket and tomato salad. It was a delicious meal and I really enjoyed it. For dessert, I enjoyed a trifle served in a little glass jar which was really nice and I could have eaten more than one.

BritMumsLive Food

Following lunch, we had more sessions and then the final tea break before the Bloggers Keynotes. I was getting hungry by this point so treated myself to a tart or two which was so nice!

BML afternoon tea


I enjoyed another glass of wine during the Bloggers Keynotes which was enjoyed throughout the emotional hour. My word, how those bloggers got up on stage and read their blog posts with such conviction is beyond me. I was a wreck!

For dinner, a small group of us went to a local independent restaurant, Jane Roe Kitchen and I ordered a delicious Halloumi burger. It arrived and of course, we all took photographs of our meals and I really enjoyed mine. It was really delicious and worth every syn (which I didn’t count) For dessert, I was tempted by the Peach and Raspberry Eton Mess and it was the most amazing pudding I think I have ever eaten. I even tried to lick the glass it came in (seriously, you can’t take me anywhere!) Thanks to Mrs Bishop for the photo which we’ve captioned ‘Pudding Sex!’

Jane Roe Food

All good things have to come to an end so I drank Diet Coke in the pub after our meal as I am a complete lightweight and can’t handle my alcohol! I was also really dehydrated so managed to drink over a litre of water before going to bed which helped.

I took this shameless selfie on Saturday evening as I got back to my hotel room and I really like it. I was exhausted but buzzing from the last couple of days activities and I think it shows on my face. I posted it to Facebook as you do and was really delighted with the comments, I have the sweetest friends. Sometimes a knackered mother late night selfie does wonders for your self esteem!

BritMumsLive MrsShilts

On Sunday morning, I was straight back on plan with a hotel breakfast of weetabix, fruit and a cup of tea. Lunch was a hastily bought ham and egg salad and mixed fruit from M&S at Euston Station and hubby cooked me an omelette for dinner when we got home.

Imagine my delight when I got on the scales at group on Tuesday evening to see a 1/2lb loss. I was delighted and even more determined to stay on plan. I’ve got 4lb to lose until I hit that 5 stone award and it’s so close I can almost touch it!

I found this photograph from last years event and compared it with this years. I’m rather happy with the difference.

BML comparison

All in all a rather successful weekend at BritMumsLive food wise. There were treats, a couple of glasses of wine and sensible hotel breakfasts. Roll on next year!

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  • Reply Lindsay @ Newcastle Family Life 27/06/2015 at 9:37 am

    wow that before and after photo is amazing and you look like a different person, you look much younger since losing weight too ( please don’t take offence at that) xx

  • Reply Donna 27/06/2015 at 10:52 pm

    Oh Emma look at what a difference a year makes. I am so, so proud of your determination and the successes you have seen. That selfie is beautiful :) x

  • Reply Lucy Bishop 30/06/2015 at 8:45 am

    Oh Em, that last comparative picture, and the gorgeous late night selfie just made me well up! You look blooming incredible!! :-) I’m sooooooo proud of you! xxxx

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