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Koodi Brand Ambassador

As part of the Koo-di Ambassador programme, I’ve been sent a number of their best-selling products to review. Next up is their Parent Kneeling Mat and although the concept is so simple, this product is a knee-saver!

koo-di parent kneeling mat

The Koo-di Parent Kneeling Mat is exactly that, a mat for parents to kneel on in the bathroom when helping the little ones in the bath. The mat is a fantastic product which has seriously helped my knees when I’ve been bathing Little Mr.

Made from Phthalate free EVA (a hard wearing thick foam), the kneeling mat is very durable and sturdy but has a soft padding on top to protect your knees. The mat has an anti-slip surface so it doesn’t matter if you get it wet, your knees won’t slip off the mat. It’s also non slip so once placed near the bath you’re not going to slide across the bathroom on it.

The mat is sized at 395 x 215 x 40 mm which is the perfect size for adult knees to rest on.

Ideal for the bathroom, the mat is quick drying and mildrew resistant, so there’s one less thing to clean. The mat has a hanging hook attached for storing and drying but we keep ours next to the towels in the bathroom and just pop it on the floor whenever Little Mr has a bath.

koo-di parent kneeling mat

The brightly coloured spots decorate the mat brilliantly and match Koo-di’s coloured branding that features on a lot of their other products. I’m a big fan of spots so I really like it.

It’s no wonder the kneeling mat has won an Progressive PreSchool Award, I can thoroughly recommend the Parent Kneeling Mat, it’s such a simple thing but really does help out at bath time. The kneeling mat has a number of uses and could be used for gardening, home decoration and even a little seat for smaller bottoms outside.


The Koo-di Parent Kneeling Bath Mat is priced at £12.99 which I think is a decent price for the product. I’m sure it will last several years and will help protect my aging knees. You can buy your own mat from the Koo-di website here.

Disclaimer: This is an honest and unbiased review as part of the Koo-di brand ambassador scheme. All views and photographs are my own.

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