A letter to the person I was one year ago..


a letter to myself

Hello Emma,

You won’t believe this but in less than a couple of weeks, you’re going to be a Mummy. A Mummy to a little baby boy who will bring so much joy and happiness into your life you won’t really comprehend it. You’ll spend hours watching him sleep, listening to him breathing and smelling his beautiful newborn head. It’s honestly the best smell you’ll have ever breathed in.

It’s okay to cry. You’ll do it a lot. You’ll look at yourself in the mirror in the bathroom and the tears will stream down your face and you won’t know why but it’s okay, it’s good to cry. You’ll feel better for it and it’ll calm you down.

Listen to your body and go with your instinct. Labour in its natural form, isn’t on the cards for you but don’t worry take the drugs, listen to the midwife and consultant and you’ll do just fine. You both will.

Don’t beat yourself up over breastfeeding. If he takes to the breast, fantastic but if he doesn’t don’t worry yourself out of sleep for it. It’s not worth it. He knows you love him and formula is there for a reason.

Look after yourself. You’ll be recovering from major surgery and it will hurt (sorry about that!) but as I said earlier, take the drugs and they’ll make you more comfortable.

Take all forms of help and support offered. You’ll be grateful for a helping hand even if it is a disguise to come and see the baby. Ask them to make you a cup of tea and enjoy it. You’ll be sleep deprived but see your friends more often, it’s good to talk and you’ll feel less lonely.

Be kind to yourself. You’re about to embark on the greatest journey known to woman kind. It’s called Motherhood and it’s the scariest, happiest and most exhilarating time of your life. Take each day as it comes and enjoy the moment. You’ll only get them once. Blink and they’ll be gone.

Oh, and put the biscuits down. They won’t do you any favours!

Emma (2014)

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    That’s lovely Emma x

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