Britax Baby-Safe plus SHR II Car Seat // Review (2013)


Back in June, Little Mr and I were lucky enough to be sent a Britax Baby-Safe plus SHR II car seat as part of our involvement with the Britax Mumbassador Scheme.

BRITAX BABY-SAFE PLUS SHR II CAR SEAT BritaxThe car seat is a rear facing Group 0+ seat suitable for babies from birth up until they are 13kg in weight. The seat is ISOFIX compatible and therefore can be used with the Baby-Safe ISOFIX base (sold separately) but can also be used with a seat belt. The Baby-Safe plus SHR II sounds like a rally car but in reality it means that the seat has a Single Handed Release mechanism for lifting the seat on and off its integral adapters for compatible travel systems with the Click & Go system.

First Impressions

The car seat looked really comfy and I couldn’t wait to put Little Mr in it. It has deep sides which are cushioned to ensure that baby is well protected and the handle on the seat has a brilliant push button for moving the handle backwards and forwards.


(obviously too excited to play with the travel system than to stage the photo, sorry!) 

Designed for babies

The car seat has an integral recline system with allows baby to lie flatter when they’re being transported. In my experience, Little Mr always sleeps so much better when lying down so this enables him to sleep on the go without me worrying that his safety is being compromised.

The headrest is cushioned and protects from 3 sides which is reassuring should there ever be an accident. This headrest is also height adjustable to ensure that the seat fits well with baby’s head. The car seat should always be used in a rear facing installation meaning that baby is facing the opposite direction to which the car is travelling.


Safety features

As a new parent, you want to make sure that your baby is protected at all times and the Baby-Safe plus SHR II car seat can help you to do that. The seat features Britax’s innovative D-SIP technology; a clever D shaped device which you should manually activate (lift up) when installing the car seat in to the car.  This device provides superior side impact protection as it disperses any collision energy away from the car seat effectively protecting baby.


The seat has a 5-point safety harness which can be adjusted using the cord just under the seat. Little Mr has always hated being restrained when using the harness but it protects him from moving around in the car or the travel system. The harness has chest pads for added comfort.


Other features

The car seat comes with a sun / wind canopy which we did use when Little Mr was smaller but as he grew a bit bigger, I removed it from the seat as he kept pulling on it and I couldn’t see Little Mr in the mirror when he got grouchy. The carry handle has a soft touch area which makes it easier to carry baby to and from the car. It’s surprising how quickly babies can put weight on and they do get heavy to carry.

For all you holiday makers out there, the Baby-Safe plus SHR II seat is aircraft approved (TUV Certified) so if you wanted to use it on an aircraft on your holidays, the seat will fit in an aircraft seat.

The seat is available in 7 different colour options. We chose Chilli Pepper (Red). You can also buy accessories for the seat including a raincover and cosytoes.

How we found it

The car seat plus ISOFIX base was brilliant for me to use post c-section. All I needed to do was take Little Mr in the car seat to the Baby-Safe ISOFIX base (already installed in the car) and click the seat into place and go. It really is that simple. The car seat weighs 4.7kg so not that heavy to carry around (plus the weight of your baby, obviously!) and being realistic, you’re only ever going to carry baby from A to B, you’re not going to carry them miles.

baby-safe plus SHR II and isofix

The car seat is easy to use, looks modern and stylish and gave me the satisfaction that if we were ever in a crash that safety features of the car seat would protect my little man. The harness is easy to use with an audible click when fastened correctly and adjusting the harness to fit was easy. To release Little Mr from the harness, I always pressed the button under the seat where the harness strap tail was and pulled the chest straps away from baby before unclicking. This made it easier for me when putting Little Mr back into the seat.

What we didn’t like

Removing the car seat from the Baby-Safe ISOFIX base is challenging in a 3 door Corsa. My car isn’t ideal for babies but does have ISOFIX anchor points so I could use a car seat with an ISOFIX base. To remove the car seat, you push a button on the front of the ISOFIX base and lift the car seat up and out. I struggled with this as I had to get in the car and use both hands to lift the car seat up. I think I struggled because of the damage to my muscles from the c-section and I didn’t have the strength to lift the seat out. We never tried the car seat with a 5 door car but I can imagine it would be a lot easier to put the car seat in and out of the car with the extra space to the side.

The nitty gritty

Overall, I loved using the Baby-Safe plus SHR II car seat and would recommend it to anyone looking to buy a new car seat for their baby. The first time I drove with Little Mr in the car on my own, I was nervous as he is very special cargo, but I felt comfortable knowing that he was safe in his seat. It made travelling a lot easier, I felt that Little Mr’s car seat was securely positioned with the Baby-Safe ISOFIX base and that he was having a comfortable ride (he always fell asleep whenever we were out and about, in the car or in the supermarket!)


My parents also used the car seat with the seat belt in their car and found it really easy to use. They felt Little Mr was securely fastened in to the seat and when they used the seat in the car, the seat belt was easily fastened around the seat with no trouble.


£129.99  – Available from most major baby product retailers or direct from the Britax themselves, it’s an excellent price for such a well designed car seat. The added safety features really do give you peace of mind and as you can use the seat for over 12 months and this, in my opinion, represents good value for money. 

Compatible with Britax pushchair featuring the Click & Go system including Affinity, B-Agile, B-Smart, B-Dual, B-Motion pushchairs

Recommended to be used with the Baby-Safe ISOFIX base (sold separately at £109.99) to ensure maximum safety whilst in the car.

Britax have excellent customer service videos that show you how to use the seat and the ISOFIX base correctly. They’re easy to watch and help you to make sure your baby is as safe as possible. Baby-Safe plus SHR II car seat video / Baby-Safe ISOFIX base video.

Disclaimer: We were sent both the Baby-Safe plus SHR II car seat and Baby-Safe ISOFIX base for the purpose of this honest and unbiased review.  

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  • Reply Wendy William 09/12/2013 at 12:03 pm

    Yes, this Britax Baby-Safe plus SHR II car seat is great. I’ve purchased one for my boy. It always works good.

  • Reply Vincent 13/05/2015 at 3:00 pm

    I especially love this Britax Baby-Safe plus SHR II infant car seat. It is my first car seat for my baby. So great.

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