Britax Affinity Pushchair Review (2013) (AD)

Britax affinity

For the last 5 months, Little Mr and I have been putting the Britax Affinity pushchair through its paces. As part of the Mumbassador scheme, we were sent the pushchair to review, test out and see how it fared on our maternity leave adventures and if you’ve seen any of my photos on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook you’ll see how it has been tested to the max.britax affinity pushchair 2013

First Impressions

The Affinity looks stylish, practical and Little Mr is one very lucky baby! The seat unit looked comfy and I really liked that the seat unit is easily changed to either parent facing or forward facing mode. I couldn’t wait to get Little Mr in it and go for a walk to test it out.

out and about affinity

What we were sent

We were sent a black chassis (available in black, white or silver) with a Chilli Pepper colour pack. There are six different colour packs to choose from including Black Thunder, Chilli Pepper, Fossil Brown, Cactus Green, Blue Sky and Cool Berry. Each colour pack includes canopy, apron, shoulder pads, crotch pad and basket liner. I love how easy it is to change the colour pack over so if you wanted to change the look of the pushchair you could buy a different colour pack.

britax affinity pushchair colour pack

The Chassis & Wheels

The chassis of the Affinity is sleek. It’s got lovely clean lines and it’s incredibly sturdy. It has an adjustable rear suspension and built in front suspension. It is a four wheeled pushchair with two air-filled rear tyres which cushion the bumps of the pavement beautifully and two smaller swivel front wheels that can be easily locked ideal for taking the pushchair on different terrain, such as the beach. The rear tyres are very easily detached and I find them very easy to pop on and off when putting the pushchair in the boot of my car. The brake is super easy to use. Using your right foot, just press the brake down towards the red indicator and the brake is applied. To unlock it, just press the brake back up towards the green indicator and you are good to go!


At the beach…. looks good even with a flip flop prop!

The lightweight aluminium chassis is really easy to fold down; just push up the two buttons near the handle of the Affinity and it folds down into a compact frame with a fold lock to keep it in the closed position perfect for storage or putting in the car.

I really like the handle on the Affinity as it is just one integrated handle. It is leather covered making it very comfortable to push and hold (I’m not a fan of two handled pushchairs) It is adjustable to different heights making it easier to push the pushchair and I have tried it on various heights depending on the terrain we’re walking on. I like to extend the handle upright when I’m walking down the hill to our house as it’s easier to control the pushchair. The shopping basket is a decent size and I’ve being able to get quite a couple of shopping bags in there but the opening of the basket is quite shallow and doesn’t stop things falling out if you fill it. A box style basket would be preferred and would prevent shopping falling out.


Looks great and performs brilliantly – in the woods 

The chassis is perfect for carrying the Baby Safe plus II car seat (sold separately) with the integrated ‘Click and Go’ system making it an ideal travel system from birth. The Affinity is ideal for newborn babies and can be used until your baby / toddler reaches 17kg in weight.

The Seat Unit

The seat unit is attached to the chassis via the integrated ‘Click and Go’ system and can be used in forward facing or parent facing mode. We have used the Affinity mainly in parent facing mode as I like to talk to and see Little Mr on our travels. I believe this is hugely reassuring for him but will use the seat unit in forward facing when Little Mr is a little older.

The apron from the colour pack is cushioned and easily attached to the seat unit via the shoulder straps going through the apron. The canopy is also very easy to attach to the seat unit and provides brilliant protection from the wind, sun and rain. There is a magnetic flap on the canopy so you could see your little one when using it in forward facing mode. There is also a zipped mesh panel that is zipped open to provide fresh air through the canopy. I think this is a brilliant feature and we used it a lot on holiday and through the warm summer months.

britax affinity

The seat unit has multi position recline to enable the little one to lie down completely flat or to sit upright. We have used the Affinity in all of its recline positions, Little Mr falls asleep easily when it is fully reclined and we have used the seat unit as a makeshift high chair when it is upright. Unfortunately the two pull down levers that enable you to choose the position of the seat unit are placed awkwardly and I find it difficult to change Little Mr’s position. The seat unit has an adjustable leg rest to enable you to choose the best leg position for your little one.

The seat unit has a five point safety harness with two shoulder pads and a crotch pad. The harness is adjustable making it a reassuring safety feature that will grow with your child. The harness secures Little Mr well into the Affinity without being too restrictive.

The Affinity comes complete with sturdy leather bumper bar which is easily opened on either side of the pushchair. I’ve found the bumper bar to be really useful for attaching toys but essentially provides another level of security to stop the little one looking too exposed.

How we found it

I love the Affinity. From the colour and quality of the fabric to the smoothness of the ride, it’s a fabulous pushchair. The wheels make pushing the Affinity easy and being able to take these off instantly when folding up the chassis is ideal. I really love how you can use the pushchair in either parent facing or forward facing mode and the ability to use the Affinity with the Baby Safe car seat is excellent. Easy to use on all terrain including on the beach, in the forest and on the pavement, the Affinity has been with us everywhere and we really love using it. We have recently purchased the Britax Affinity cosytoes (in Chilli Pepper red) to ensure the pushchair is perfect for use throughout the winter months. I love how it matches and is affordable (£48 from Mothercare)


Little Mr obviously can’t tell me how he finds the ride in the Affinity but whenever he is in it, he’s happy to be pushed about and will fall asleep in it so that is all I can ask for. Happy baby equals happy Mummy.


What we’re not so sure of

As I’ve mentioned above, the shopping basket is quite shallow and would benefit on being a little deeper with higher sides to prevent shopping falling out and the levers to adjust the recline of the seat unit are difficult to use. The Affinity also comes with a raincover which I personally don’t like. I think it looks ugly and luckily for us we haven’t had to use it too often.

How Little Mr’s Nanny found it

When my Mom looked after Little Mr for the day, she had to endure the school run to pick up my Nephew. She was worried about carrying Little Mr so I offered the use of the Affinity to make it easier for her.  It’s been a few years since she has battled with a pushchair and so after showing her how to put the pushchair up, down and attach both the car seat and seat unit, she was a big fan. She found the Affinity to be really easy to use, the ‘Click and Go’ system made transferring Little Mr from the car in his car seat to the pushchair smooth and hassle free. My Mom happily uses the Affinity on the school run and would recommend it to other Mummies and their Parents.


Compatibility & other accessories

The Affinity is compatible with the Britax carrycot and Britax Baby Safe car seats.

Other accessories available to match the Affinity include a changing bag and cosy toes (as mentioned above)


The Britax Affinity costs £409 (Chassis £360 plus colour pack £48) which I believe is great value for money and is probably about average of what a new parent would spend on their new pushchair. I believe it looks a lot more expensive than what it costs

Disclaimer: We were sent the Britax Affinity pushchair for the purpose of this review, all words are my own and form an honest and unbiased review. I have used ‘on-the-go’ photographs as I believe they show the Affinity in its true form when in use. 

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    Seriously considering this one, we went to Mothercare last night to have a look at it and really like the look and feel of it. Great review

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